A Master on Growth, Strength and Courage

"Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun."

— Kahlil Gibran

Trees, plants and humans share traits many of us aspire to: Strength, resilience, deep roots and upward mobility to name just a few.

Whether large or small, they all have one unique characteristic…they require light to grow and they ALWAYS grow towards the sun.

How and why trees and plants grow towards light is one of the many fascinating questions that’s baffled botanists for centuries.

It’s been extensively researched and various experiments have been done to prove without a shadow of a doubt that trees and plants do indeed need light to grow, and more than that…they’ll go out of their way to get the light they need.

Charles Darwin, who with his son Francis (a botanist) tested light theory on the tips of seeds and branches.

The results showed that when the tips were exposed to light, they’d grow towards it, and when the tips were covered, growth was hindered.

The reason why trees and plants aim towards the sun is because the light from the sun accelerates their growth.

That’s a point worth repeating…

The reason why trees and plants aim towards the sun is because the light from the sun accelerates their growth.

Likewise, for you and I to accelerate our growth…we need to point our efforts towards the sun and focus on going up…on elevating our lives…on moving NORTH in the direction of our goals!

Why? Because growth comes quicker and easier when we align ourselves with the workings of the universe.

Obey and respect universal law or pay the price for disobedience.

Your self-development efforts should primarily be aimed at building competencies that help you elevate and accelerate your position by growing towards the sun.

That should be the qualifying question.

Is what I’m thinking, saying, reading, watching and doing moving me up…helping me grow towards the sun and pushing me to reach my full potential?

If not, don’t do it.

Virtues like character, integrity, attitude, focus and loyalty all work to strengthen your spirit and help you grow towards the sun.

What’s the mission that points you towards the sun …the passionate obsession that guides, serves and empowers your growth?

There’s no exception to this rule…you either grow towards the sun by following your goals and dreams or you fall victim to gravity and move towards the darkness.

It’s worth noting that within moments of exposure to sunlight…plants and tress that were deprived of light will respond quickly and begin to grow toward the sun.

"If you can’t predictably and consistently convert goals and intentions into successful outcomes and do it quickly…you’re going to struggle all of your life."

The same principle is true for your goals and dreams…as soon as you get clear on your what, why and how and point your actions towards the light…your growth will accelerate.

We live in a time where there’s an abundance of FUD — ever increasing levels of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

FUD robs us of hope and degrades our growth…that’s why we must be careful, protect our minds and stay focused on the light.

The beautiful part about the sun is that it sits up in the sky and shines brightly…it beckons you to come and get it.

We all have great ideas and dreams of what we could be, do and have. Yes?

Perhaps you have something you’d love to do with your life.

• Would you like to travel to exotic places and lead wild adventures?

• Have you dreamed of touching people’s lives in a meaningful way?

• Do you have a passion, something far different than what you’re currently doing…and have settled for?

What happened to those dreams, that sense of excitement, that calling to do more with your life?

Goals and dreams ignite your spirit, and rekindle your thirst for life.
They provide light in place of darkness and magnetically lead you North…straight towards your heart’s desire.

Just as Columbus used the light from the North Star to navigate his ships across the oceans…you too can use the light from your own personal North Star to navigate yourself in the direction of your dreams.

• Why do some people follow the light and grow towards the sun?

• Why do some, as the Apple Computer ads say, Think Different?

How do you begin to live your dreams and courageously grow towards the sun…towards your awesome potential?

Here are a few practical steps….

Step 1: Ask Yourself a Few Important Questions

The clock is ticking and light quickly fades to darkness if you do not stop, ask, and most importantly answer these questions.

Once answered you must set fundamental priorities to take the actions and risks necessary to grow towards the sun — quickly.

• Who am I?
• Why do I exist?
• What specifically do I want?
• What am I trying to accomplish in the years that are left to me?
• What am I prepared to do to achieve it?
• What am I afraid of…why am I so resistant to move forward?
• When will I find the courage to go for my goals and grow towards the sun?

Step 2: Believe in Yourself

Right now, at this very moment…you either believe or disbelieve that it is possible for you to live the life you’ve always imagined.

Be bold and the mighty forces of life will be with you. Visualize your goals, lock those images in your mind and and keep your eye on the prize by following the light.

One of the greatest lessons you’ll learn in life is to have faith that what you want…also wants you. It’s the very personification of the law of attraction.

You are attracted to the goal, and the goal is attracted to you!

Step 3: Take Action — Create a Sense of Urgency

The chances of you making your dreams come true without taking action is like thinking you can win the lottery without buying a ticket.

You’re playing a high stakes game of one and done…therefore take action, challenge yourself and create a sense of urgency in all that you do.

Polaris is called the “North Star” for two reasons…its position in the sky defines the direction of true North, and it’s the brightest star in the heavens.

Whenever you want to figure out where North is…all you have to do is follow the light and you’ll find this star.

The same is true for your goals and dreams.

My greatest wish is that you spend your life growing towards the sun!

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