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The 100 Day Challenge is a hardcore performance acceleration program designed with one purpose in mind— to provide you with the growth hacking tools and and execution strategies you need to transform your life and career in just 100 days.

Built to operate with blistering speed and relentless execution...this extreme, beast of a performance challenge is meant for serious people and organizations who crave serious results—fast. If you're okay with average, this program will eat you for lunch.

Whatever big goal or crazy dream you're pursuing...driving sales, running a marathon, writing a book, climbing a mountain or even paying off your'll get it faster by taking the 100 Day Challenge.

When it comes to execution, what worked in the past won't work today. The accelerating pace of change has profoundly changed how we all operate.

While technology is multiplying our capabilities as a civilization, too many people and organizations are operating with out-dated beliefs and ineffective execution strategies...leaving them uncompetitive in a highly competitive world.

As a result, there's a chronic disconnect and growing gap between goal formulation and execution as the goals that companies and people set for themselves often bear little resemblance to the results they actually achieve.

The root cause of the disconnect is that most of us do not have a proven, rapid execution system in place which keeps pace with the demands of the times. The 100 Day Challenge provides the ideal solution.

The 100 Day Challenge contains all the elements necessary for the unleashing of your greatness, to include — rules, performance standards, accountability, a scoreboard, deadlines, a finish line, fans, intense competition and most of all fun.

You will receive everything you need for accelerating your performance, skyrocketing your productivity, transforming your life and career, and for fast tracking all of your goals.

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I know a thing or two about growth hacking and driving results...and if you’re a business person, entrepreneur, athlete, coach, student, parent...or someone who simply wants to accelerate their rate of success and unleash their greatness...I can help.

Over the years, I've become known as The Goals Guy and developed a reputation as someone immensely successful entrepreneurs, executives, professional athletes and even Special Military Forces go to when they need to step up their execution skills.

I created the 100 Day Challenge to share with you the same methods I have used to shatter sales goals, quickly grow a number of multi-million dollar businesses, and coach people to extraordinary, legacy defining performances.

And...I accept full responsibility for inspiring people to do insane things like climb Mount Everest, run their first triathlon, launch their own businesses, and say adios to their comfort zone...forever. I'm confident I can do the same for you.

When you set goals in the context of a 100 day sprint, you no longer have the luxury of putting off decisions or not taking action. Built to get you to operate with blistering speed and relentless execution...the 100 Day Challenge delivers fast results by incorporating the proven and sustainable disciplines of effective execution.

Here are the top 5 benefits you'll enjoy by participating in the 100 Day Challenge.

1. It's All About Execution
2. Focus on Results
3. Sense of Urgency
4. Accountability
5. Proven, Repeatable Process

As you can see, people and organizations love the 100 Day Challenge for a large number of reasons, but perhaps the most important one is that...IT WORKS.

The 100 Day Challenge delivers a transformational message that is appropriate for EVERYONE in the Boardroom, Classroom, Locker Room and Living Room. Anyone with a a big dream and a strong desire to go all out for 100 days should participate.

I teach a rapid goal achievement PROCESS which has proven to be effective in achieving ANY GOAL.

Whatever big goal or crazy dream you're pursuing...driving sales, running a marathon, writing a book, climbing a mountain or even paying off your'll get it faster by taking the 100 Day Challenge.

No. The 100 Day Challenge is strictly a digital product—everything is delivered online. You will have the ability to engage with the content on-demand, at your own pace, day or night.

There will be a login link in your confirmation email, however you can also use the Member Login link here. Please note that you will need to know your account password. If you happen to lose or forget your password, you can request that we reset it for you.

That's the best part about the 100 Day Challenge...10-15 minutes a day is all it takes to start realizing bigger, better and faster results in all areas of your life and career.

Your individual investment is a one-time cost of $177, and yes...we do offer a two-payment option. The first payment is due at time of enrollment, and the balance is collected in 30 days.

No. The 100 Day Challenge program is yours for a one-time investment of $177.

Yes. We love groups and offer a discount schedule beginning at 10 participants. Call 877.462.5748 or contact us for more information.

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. If you have a special request to pay by Money Gram, Western Union or even Bitcoin...we will be happy to accommodate. Please send us an email detailing your request.

We’re confident you won’t, but if you feel that the 100 Day Challenge doesn’t deliver on everything we said it would, you can request a refund for up to 30 days. You can do so by sending our support team an email here. We’ll issue you a full refund within 48-hours.

The 100 Day Challenge has delivered life-changing results for more than 600,000 people and organizations. Here's what people have to say...and the type of results they've experienced.

“If you want to accelerate your growth faster than a speeding bullet, stop what you're doing and take the 100 Day Challenge.” - Mike Hutchinson

“A program becomes a 'classic' when it is the definitive reference source on a subject matter. The 100 Day Challenge is destined to become a 'classic' while serving as the guiding execution system for anyone who wants to dramatically accelerate their success.” - Brian Tracy, Best Selling Author, How the Best Leaders Lead

“I can't begin to tell you how important your program has been in the progress I have made in my life. I followed your plan and as you stated a number of times, I sprinted as if my life depended upon it for all 100 days. As a result, I drove my sales numbers through the roof and paid off my $192,000 mortgage balance 15 years early.” - Michael Wilcox

“Got Goals? You bet I do, and the lessons learned in the 100 Day Challenge motivated my friends and I to make the impossible possible. We scaled Mount Everest and here's the picture and t-shirt to prove it. Love this program!” - Gerri Kier, Boulder Colorado

“I've personally done Gary's 100 Day Challenge a number of times, and its greatly impacted my life. The biggest compliment is that I've recommended it to my clients and everyone that has completed it reports back having received massive benefit from it.” - Stefan James

“There are many programs today that purport to transform your life. Gary Ryan Blair's 100 Day Challenge is different. It delivers a practical system, packed with a powerhouse of ideas that will benefit anyone in a profound way. If you were picking one program to participate in, this should be it.” - Joe Vitale

“From beginning to end, your presentation was right on the money and the perfect message for our 6200 franchise owners in attendance. Your ability to spotlight the big differences made by small actions is exactly what we needed to hear, and it will be a message that will continue to be repeated and reinforced. Thank you for a job done exceptionally well! - Fred DeLuca, CEO, Subway

“The 100 Day Challenge brilliantly focuses on using self-enforced challenges, score boarding and daily deadlines to rapidly move the needle forward. I've seen a lot of goal setting programs, but none of this caliber.” - Ken Blanchard, #1 Best Selling Author

“Gary Ryan Blair is one of those rare people who inspires everyone he comes in contact with to be a superior version of themselves.” - Charmaine Russo, IBM

“I think I have found the last personal development program I'll ever invest in. The 100 Day Challenge has everything you need for getting you to the top and staying there.” - Pete Derigus

“My goals at the start of the 100 Day Challenge were to lose weight and get healthy. As of day 72, I have lost 34 pounds, dropped my blood pressure and now off cholesterol tablets. I am so impressed with the results of your program, it's been a real life saver and I can't recommend it enough.” - Eugene Maresh

“The 100 Day Challenge helped me make some significant changes in my life and meet and exceed some goals that I had failed at for many years. One of which was to lose 85lbs, and so far I have lost 50lbs in just the first 100 days of the year.” - Frank Ernesto

“I would encourage anyone who is looking to accelerate their goals to participate in Gary Ryan Blair's 100 Day Challenge.” - Jack Canfield, #1 Best Selling Author

“Whatever it takes, take the 100 Day Challenge. What Gary has created is nothing short of the best performance acceleration program of its kind. I give it my highest recommendation!” - Alex Mandossian

“Gary Ryan Blair is one of those rare people with the unique ability to simplify what others make complex. His 100 Day Challenge provides you with a powerful system for goal achievement that anyone can follow.” - Larry King

“It's smart, caring entrepreneurs like Gary who walk their talk, and lead by example that make the world a better place.” - Sir Richard Branson

“When the opportunity presents itself...take the 100 Day Challenge. It's a real game changer!” - Mari Smith

“Is it really possible to transform your life in 100 days? I did, and can't say enough about the impact that the 100 Day Challenge had on my life.” - David Corbin, #1 Best Selling Author

“Success in life is the result of relentless goal achievement, and there's no better program than Gary Ryan Blair's 100 Day Challenge.” - Victor Cruz

“The 100 Day Challenge is one of those programs that's worth the hype. It's truly in a class by itself.” - Ivan R. Misner

“The 100 Day Challenge is pure genius. By compressing deadlines, enforcing strict measurements and accelerating the rate of focused activity, Gary Ryan Blair provides you with a road map for rapid goal achievement.” - Bill Bartmann, Billionaire Business Coach

“I'm fortunate to call Gary a trusted friend and advisor. I appreciate his ability to think through challenging problems and provide well thought out solutions.” - Larry Benet

“Gary Ryan Blair's 100 Day Challenge is one of those program everyone can benefit from. It promises to show you how to accelerate your results and it over-delivers in a big way.” - Bill Harris, CEO Centerpointe

“The 100 Day Challenge is revolutionary in what it will do for your life and career. What Gary has created is nothing short of brilliant.” - Marci Shimoff

“Gary helped me land my book deal and roll out an accelerated marketing plan. Everything was clean, focused and actionable. When Gary talks, I listen.” - Brandon Steiner

“Gary Ryan Blair has ‘cracked-the-code’ on how to compress 10 years worth of results into 100 days. Jump at the chance to take the 100 Day Challenge.” - Pete Vargas

“I've had the good fortune to share the stage and enjoy many conversations with Gary Ryan Blair. I always come away inspired and with an abundance of great ideas.” - George Foreman

“Once in a great while a program comes along that delivers a transformational message appropriate for the Boardroom, Classroom,Locker Room and Living Room. The 100 Day Challenge is that kind of program. It is a treasure that can and should be enjoyed by all.” - Andy Andrews, New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Traveler's Gift

“Brilliant. That's the only word I think of when anyone asks me about the 100 Day Challenge. Gary has created the gold standard on what it takes to achieve big goals fast.” - Les Brown, New York Times bestselling author of Live Your Dreams

“Gary, a million thanks for the wonderful gift of 100 Day Challenge from God to the world through you. The results I've achieved have far exceeded my expectations. I preach your messages from the lessons everywhere in Universities, Parliaments, Churches and Youth Camps around the World.” - Bishop Julius Peter Oyet

“Kudos to you Gary Ryan Blair for creating this life changing program. A fiend introduced me to your program and it really has been the best thing that has happened to me in years. I have set and achieved more in the past 100 days than I ever would have dreamed possible. My health is back, my weight is down, and I have regained my self-worth. Thank you for challenging me every day to be a better version of who I was the day before.” - Suzie Miller

“My team and I all took the program together and took every lesson seriously. Every morning meeting was met with bigger and bolder targets, and I'm so happy to report that we hit 92 out of 100 sales targets and as a result increased sales 10X. The 100 Day Challenge has delivered everything I hoped it would and so much more.” - Patrick Tang

“Thank You Gary Ryan Blair for your amazing 100 Day Challenge. I’m proud to celebrate the fact that I lost 35 pounds and brought my blood pressure down to normal ranges. I am now off all meds and have also completed the first draft of my book. I feel great and my wife says that I look 15 years younger.” - John Reinhardt

“Once I got serious about my sales goals and made the commitment to do the 100 Day Challenge, everything changed. I've made more money in the past quarter than I did all of last year. Gary your program changed my life and I can’t thank you enough!” - Mike Schirm

“As a result of participating in the 100 Day Challenge, I not only achieved my goal of losing 38 lbs., I was able to do it 15 days earlier than expected. I’m now back at the same weight I was in High School and feeling and look 10 years younger.” - Mike Dorsey

“Real thanks to you Gary for creating this wonderful program. Your daily encouragement and constant call to massive action really paid off. My biggest goal of becoming a Sales Director was achieved in just 78 days. Not only has my income increased by more than 300% but I’ll be driving a brand-new car at the upcoming convention.” - Nicole Ogden

“The 100 Day Challenge has given me the confidence to move forward with a big dream and make it a reality. My wife suddenly passed away 14 months ago, and I spent the better part of 6 months in deep depression. A friend told me all about the wonderful things he had learned and encouraged me to participate. Gary, I’m so glad I did, as I’m sending this message to you from a satellite phone atop of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Just wanted to say hello and let you know how much your program impacted me. It really saved my life.” - Neeraj Sharma

“Start Fast Finish Strong has become our motto at all of my dealerships and it has helped us totally annihilate the first quarter which is usually our slowest quarter. March in all four departments was a record month, our biggest month since 1994 when we opened.” - Peter Panagakis, Ontario, Canada

“I signed up for the 100 Day Challenge to finish the year strong and happy to report that through the strategies and encouragement along with a good deal of hard work that I far exceed my sales quota and and tripled my sales. Thank you as my bonus is going towards putting in a new pool that I promised my family.” - Howard Boyd

“I have been struggling with weight loss for all my life and I signed up for the 100 Day Challenge to lose 75 lbs. In just 20 Days I have lost 17 pounds. This 100 Day Challenge has helped me immensely to stay on track and on point. I love this program and so glad I signed up.” - Moez Bokhari

“I participated in your challenge and have been astonished by the results. At the end of 100 days I had lost 35 pounds and another 18 more pounds three months later. I have remained a lean, mean 175 pounds for over two weeks now and will forever be grateful for the kick in the pants and encouragement you provided. I’m 52 by the way and feel like I’m 30.” - Lee Jenkins

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