If Your Goals Don't Challenge You, They Can't Change You

“The purpose of a challenge is to test your limits, to thrust you out of your comfort zone, to determine how badly you want to succeed and ultimately, to unleash your greatness”.

The Greeks have a word in their vocabulary called an Agon.

It signifies the exertion of struggle, conflict and great effort while pursuing a goal or worthy challenge.

Competition and challenge were part of everyday Greek life…they were important tools in the shaping and forging of character.

Each agon was designed to test one’s bodily or mental toughness and prowess in athletics, art, music, debate…all areas of life.

The Greeks learned early on that life is one long string of agons …daily challenges that they were required to rise to and therefore incorporated them into their daily lives.

What great adventure or challenge are you passionately pursuing?

Do you really think it will be achieved without your character and commitment being tested…without being pushed to your limits…and without being permanently evicted from your comfort zone?

Nothing of pride or of any lasting value has ever been, nor will it ever be created without an agon.

"Any negative assumption you may have about competition stands at odds with the most fundamental premise of success…to be the best, you must compete against and beat the best."— Gary Ryan Blair

Trust me on this one…

You really do want your competitors to see you in the arena…getting dirty, sweaty and stinky.

Let them see you struggle with adversity…show them that you are prepared, willing and able to out-work, out-hustle and out-suffer them.


Because in the end…

Great victory is fueled by a heart-pounding, ego-bashing, soul searching test of your limits.

So stand up, step into the arena and challenge yourself each day with the goal of unleashing your greatness.

I’ll leave you this profound truth…

A challenge is a form of finishing school. Once you’re able to rise up to meet the demands of daily challenges… you’ll be finished with self-limiting beliefs, finished with settling for less, finished with excuses…and finished playing a small game.

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