Be Brave Enough To Start And Strong Enough To Finish

"Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every New Year find you a better man."

IF YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY, positively committed to achieving your goals and making this the best year of your life…you’ve come to the right place.

Why? Because what you are about to learn is the secret behind every success and failure you experience in life.

And that is…the price of anything is the amount of life you have to pay for it.

Allow me to summarize the real secret to success in just three words…


Every New Year Resolution, every goal you want to achieve, and every dream or intention you want to manifest…all come with a price.

There is NO FREE LUNCH when it comes to success or failure…you’re going to pay either way.

To achieve your New Year Resolutions, you must choose the suffering that’s right for you, you must accept that reality, you must embrace that truth, and then you must live with it every day of your life.

The moment you choose not to continue to pay the price of success is the moment you choose to suffer the consequences of failure which is the worst kind of suffering.

The suffering cost of failure is always higher than the suffering price for success.

The cost and consequences of failure in a relationship, job, career or any area can cause a monumental amount of disruption and chaos.

The following are just a few examples of the suffering costs of failure:

• If you lack financial discipline you will suffer the consequences of debt and sleepless nights.

• If you do not manage your diet you will suffer the cost of diabetes and poor fitting clothing.

• By not investing quality time with your children, you will suffer by paying the price of regret the rest of your life.

To achieve your goals and resolutions and to make this your best year ever, you must be deliberate…you must decide in advance to pay the price of success, or you will by default pay the cost and consequences of failure.

Sooner or later you will come to the understanding that you must “Choose Your Suffering”.

Choose Your Suffering

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No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.

Not one of us gets a free pass on this one…there are no exceptions to this rule.

The following are just a few examples of the suffering costs of success:

• If you suffer the costs of disciplined spending, saving and investing habits…you will enjoy peace of mind and early retirement.

• If you suffer the costs of daily exercise and proper nutrition…you get to enjoy a great physique and an exceptional quality of life.

• By suffering the price of love, forgiveness, attention and patience…you will enjoy a loving relationship with your spouse and children.

True success is something that is achieved by the minority of people, and is therefore unnatural and not to be achieved by following our natural likes and dislikes, nor by being guided by our natural preferences and prejudices.

That’s why your greatest challenge, and the most important decision you need to make before setting any goals or resolutions is to…


You must decide right now if you are going to pay the price for success this year…or if you are going to pay the price of failure.

The choice is yours and yours alone…I sincerely hope you make the right call.

I’ll wrap this up with a brilliant quote from Muhammad Ali who said…

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”.

To unleash your greatness and live your life like a champion…set some big, ambitious goals and commit yourself to a compelling list of resolutions.

Be mindful…that the long-term pain and suffering cost of failure is ALWAYS going to be higher than the suffering price for success.

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