Mental Toughness

"Coded into your genes is an extraordinary will, an indomitable spirit, a relentless finish strong ethos that is incapable of being overcome, subdued, or vanquished."

As you are right now faced with the reality that the 4th and final quarter of the year is now in play…

I wanted to take a moment to talk about time and how you can implement a few proven strategies to finish the year strong.


Let’s do this…

Time is always on my mind…

And it’s never far from my line of sight, because I have strategically placed FOUR clocks around the room and can’t look in any direction without seeing one.

As I have stressed throughout most of my writings, I organize everything with start and pre-determined end times.

If someone has an in person or phone appointment with me, they know in advance when it ends, not just when it starts.

If someone has an in person or phone appointment with me, they know in advance when it ends, not just when it starts.

I have trained and conditioned myself to be hyper-sensitive to time, and I want to train my clients to respect my hyper-sensitivity.


Because your bank balance and your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with it is more a reflection of how you invest your time than a reflection of anything else.

This is the most dominant factor in wealth or relative poverty, success or failure, fulfillment or frustration than all externals combined.

My primary area of specialization is helping people convert “intention into results” and everything I do and share with you is laser-focused on that idea.

But the truth is…

"Your ability to be successful in any endeavor is sabotaged or supported by how much control you exercise over the investment, direction, and consumption of your time and, with it, your energy and creativity."

In reality, time is the asset that you OWN outright and which you have total control over.

I don’t really need to follow you around and observe how you use your time to gauge how you’re doing year to date…

The only thing I need to hear is your philosophy of time.

Your philosophy is what governs your behavior and what you will tolerate or refuse to tolerate in the behavior of others.

For example, how do you determine which people you’re going to spend your time with?

My primary litmus test revolves around commitments.

If somebody can’t keep seemingly minor commitments, I know I can’t trust them to honor important ones either.

And if I allow myself to hang around with them, soon they’ll be the cause of me failing to honor my commitments.

Another example: Do you actually view time as money, not just give lip service to the idea?

Can you tell me what your time must be worth per minute to achieve your income goal?

The question I ask myself is…

• Will this use of my time move me measurably closer to my meaningful goals?

• Is there even a chance it will?

• If not, why do it?

It’s difficult to find a clock in Las Vegas casinos for one simple reason…

Casinos are designed to separate you from as much of your money as possible — to make you a loser.

And that is best done by dulling your sensitivity to the passing of time.

The same principle applies to your business life.


I’ve worked with tens of thousands of people during my career and know many people who’ve “converted ideas and sweat equity into fortunes.”

The difference between them and the majority of people is never the originality or even the quality of their ideas.

It all comes down to their respect for time and a willingness to execute relentlessly.

That’s reality.

Execute or be executed.

It’s how life and business really works.

We all get paid for what we get done, and if you know anything about me by now, you know my feelings about execution and implementation.

For you to finish this year strong, you must do the following, and you must do it NOW:

1. YOU must create a success environment for yourself that produces results consistently.

2. YOU must impose strict deadlines on yourself and be ruthlessly resistant to wasting your time.

3. YOU must hold yourself accountable, hour by hour.

4. YOU must execute like your life, career and future depended upon it.

If you aren’t willing to work under such self-imposed pressure…

I suggest you forget the idea of finishing the year strong, and of getting and staying rich.

Every great life, career, family or business is run by someone with impeccably high standards…someone who is unwilling to negotiate with neither excuses nor mediocrity.

There’s no denying this truth…

One way or the other, you’re going to finish the year…

Why not do everything in your power to finish strong and be immensely proud of your efforts rather than embarrassed by your lack of it?

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