The Fastest and Easiest Way to Achieve Any Goal

"Superior execution is the greatest market differentiator there is…it’s a devastating competitive advantage…it’s the ultimate force multiplier…it’s the reason why people fail or succeed in achieving their goals."

— Gary Ryan Blair

Have you ever wished that there could be a magical “Silver Bullet” — a straightforward solution, strategy or formula that instantly solves problems, accelerates any goal or outcome, and which you could use to transform your life with immediate effect?

Most people would say that such a solution does not exist and that the very idea is “fool’s gold” and implausible, even an outright lie.

I ask you to ask yourself…

Do any of the sources of that viewpoint have a demonstrated track record of big, consistent wins over an extended period of time?

As someone who repeatedly, consistently, and quite routinely works with people and organizations who know how to solve problems quickly, and who habitually make big things happen…I can tell you with the certainty of a man holding four aces that a “Silver Bullet” strategy does in fact exist.


The “Silver Bullet” for solving problems quickly, for creating radical results fast and for achieving your goals at a high rate of speed is to…answer with action.

Teaching you how to answer with action…more specifically, how to become a formidable opponent, an unstoppable powerhouse, a lean, mean results generating machine that is so dominant…and so superior to your peers and competition is what this message is all about.

There are two and only two types of strategy…offense and defense.

Offensive strategy exists to advance your position, to score goals, to put points on the board…to win.

Offensive strategy is proactive…it means playing to win.

Defensive strategy exists to hold ground, to prevent the offense or opposition from scoring.

Defensive strategy is reactive…it means playing not to lose.

Without apology or sugarcoating…far too many people spend the majority of their lives deploying the wrong strategy.

They choose to play defense.

They choose to procrastinate and resist change.

They choose to maintain the status quo.

They choose to lower their standards.

They choose to settle for meager table scraps.

• They choose to answer with excuses.

As a result of playing defense, they operate in a reactive, wait-and-see mode, constantly retreating, forever backpedaling and have little to show on the highlight reel.

The marketplace only rewards implementation, therefore goals like getting in shape, increasing revenue, launching a new product, learning a language, or even unpacking the boxes from your last move are completely meaningless without action.
— Gary Ryan Blair

On the other hand, those that choose to deploy a strong, relentless and determined offense are constantly advancing, gaining ground, building momentum, proactively creating the conditions for positive change and accelerating their overall win rate.

As to why it matters…while there’s always a time and place for defensive competitive strategy, a strong, offensive competitive strategy is what separates high and low achievers.


The odds that you’ll succeed in solving any problem or achieving any goal without playing a strong offense…are about the same as winning the lottery without buying a ticket.

You can moan, complain, make excuses and rationalize all you want…but eventually you’ll come to the understanding that the solution to whatever ails, scares or even inspires you is to…answer with action.

• Customer Complaint? Answer with Action.

• Overweight? Answer with Action.

• Debt Piling Up? Answer with Action.

• Character Flaw? Answer with Action.

• Marital Problems? Answer with Action.

• Complacency? Answer with Action.

• Low Grades? Answer with Action.

• Profits Declining? Answer with Action.

• Poor Sales Performance? Answer with Action.

• Website Not Converting? Answer with Action.

• Bad Habits? Answer with Action.

• Worried? Answer with Action.

• Unrealized Dreams? Answer with Action.

Whatever it is you want in life, whatever obstacle stands in your way…action is always the answer.

Grand Chess Master Adolf Anderssen said it best…Attack! Always Attack!.

In Chess, the process of making the pieces move has received a special name…it’s called the attack.

The attack is an aggressive, proactive move meant to move the needle, advance the ball, strengthen your position, remove obstructions and weaken your opponent’s defense.

In life as in Chess…it’s not wise to be a passive player…to operate from a defensive position as you’ll be checkmated in no time and the game…as well as your life will be over.

That’s why answering with action is the “Silver Bullet” strategy you need to respond to any challenge and make all your hopes and dreams come true.

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