by Gary Ryan Blair

“The people who deliver superior results are not simply doing more of the same things everyone else does; they are doing better things. Very small differences, consistently practiced, produce superior results.” — Gary Ryan Blair

If you’re reading this…as the title suggests, you’re most likely interested in dramatically improving your productivity and enjoying more of what you want in life.

So it’s only natural to wonder if there are some “secret strategies” that highly successful people know about that you don’t.

Well, guess what…once you know, and act upon, the “secret strategies”, you’ll not only achieve your goals faster, you’ll do everything faster to include solving problems, attracting people and opportunity, building trust…as well building massive amounts of wealth.

My goal here is simple…to convince you that you have the potential to DRAMATICALLY DECREASE the amount of time it takes to achieve your goals…get wealthy…and make a massive impact on the world.

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Allow me to bottom line this for you….

There’s no added virtue, nothing worth bragging about in getting rich slowly, in getting healthy slowly, in learning a new skill slowly, in turning a business around slowly nor in achieving any goal slowly.

When you make bank deposits, they don’t add a bonus for “slow” nor deduct a penalty for “fast.”

Unfortunately, most of us have been conditioned to believe that there is something wrong with achieving goals quickly and or that the very idea is “fool’s gold” and implausible, even an outright lie.

I ask you to ask yourself: Have any of the sources of that viewpoint achieved their goals quickly?

Or at all?

As someone who repeatedly, consistently, and quite routinely works with people and organizations who accelerate from standing starts to giant accomplishments, “achieving goals fast” is my reality.

You cannot change your behavior nor achieve goals fast, until you change your beliefs…and that the most important element in your strategy to win the battle for your mind and productivity is your own psychology.

Listen up…you have no legal or moral obligation or, for that matter, logical reason to settle for small, marginal or incremental growth…and that the quickest way to the top and achieving any goal fast is not by fighting your way through the pack…it is to leapfrog over the pack by deploying superior execution strategies.

So how do you do it…how do you accelerate your rate of success? How do you multiply your performance, dramatically exceed your best expectations, and achieve goals on a pace and scale that in the past seemed impossible?

Providing you with answers to those questions is the purpose of this message.

Here’s the first of many…if you really want to achieve goals fast, and are willing to make some changes in your life to cause it to happen, you too can become one of the great ones.

The only things you’ll need to give up are false assumptions, low expectations, self-limiting doubts and the comfort zone that holds you back from unleashing your greatness.


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Let’s start with why…as in why is it so important to accelerate your productivity and achieve goals fast?

We’re all playing a high stakes game of one and done, as you have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get serious about upgrading your execution skills and achieving your goals fast…before time runs out.

That’s where the trouble begins as you think you have time…you don’t.

For all the things you might want to experience in life…time is running out. And you never know when the last grain of sand will fall through the middle of your own life’s hourglass.

Time is running out for you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be…to make the difference you seek to make…to produce the work you know you’re capable of.

Where’s the urgency as you’ll be dead a lot longer than you’ll be alive?

Parents, your children are growing up quickly…you need to be in a hurry to teach them, to shape their character and to ensure self-reliance.

Entrepreneurs, you need to be in a hurry to add greater value, to dazzle and amaze…in a hurry to create work that people would miss if it were gone.

Teachers, you need to be in a hurry to captivate attention, to instill a love of learning… to turn your students into informed and educated leaders of tomorrow.

Students, time is going by faster than you realize…you need to be in a hurry to create good study habits, to develop a love for learning…in a hurry to solve challenging problems and to acquire good decision making and leadership skills.

Leaders, you need to be in a hurry to share a bold, empowering vision…to inspire hope and to instill confidence…in a hurry to set an example worth following.

Make no mistake about it…time is running out.

That’s why we all we need to be in a hurry to face our fears, develop courage, share our bravest work, commit to excellence, get in shape, get out of debt, shed high-maintenance relationships, eliminate excuses, become financially free…and dare mighty things.

The world needs you…all of you, the courageous you, the bold, ambitious, fearless and unstoppable you…and in Part 2 you’ll learn the game plan you need to accomplish more in 100 days than most people do in 10 years.

And that’s what you really want isn’t it?

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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Posted on March 23rd, 2018 by Gary Ryan Blair

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