Demand More From Yourself Than Anyone Could Ever Expect

“Good Enough Isn't Good Enough.”

— Gary Ryan Blair

Here’s a question you might not have ever considered…

What do your goals and dreams want, expect and demand from you?

Your goals and dreams can be a tough gatekeeper.

But they do have one soft spot, if you know where to look.

Here’s what the gatekeeper wants…

“Commit to the pain”

Your goals and dreams want commitment.

They demand a long-term contract and despise a half assed effort.

They want a blood oath from now to the finish line.

Your goals and dreams favor working stiffs and hate prima donnas.

They will not tolerate weekend warriors or loud mouth weenies who are all talk and no action.

They want you to sweat it out, pay the price and suffer the necessary cost of success.

Your goals and dreams want you to confront and overcome fear, self-sabotage and any form of resistance.

If you’re in, you’re in for the duration.

In addition, your goals and dreams like to see momentum.

They favor those who start the ball rolling and don’t let it stop.

When your goals and dreams check in for an update, they expect to see consistent effort and forward progress.

If they find no forward momentum, they know who and what they are dealing with.

Go deep and go long, that’s what your goals and dreams want from you.

They demand depth as in depth of effort, depth of intensity and yes, depth of commitment.

Shallow does not work for them.

When you work, you have to jump in the deep end of the pool, going hard and going deep.

Your goals and dreams want focus, clarity and concentration.

When they see mental “scatter,” that is a major turn-off.

They want you to unplug the phone, deadbolt the door, and banish all distraction.

Your goals and dreams are much like a jealous goddess.

They demand to be the center of your attention.

They contribute tests to pass, temptations to overcome, doors to kick open and ceilings to breakthrough.

“No one is going to come to your house and make your dreams come true.”

No competition. No other suitors. And you can’t cheat on them. They see right through you.

Lastly, your goals and dreams want, expect and demand humility.

Remember, to the Olympian gods, the most heinous felony was not murder or even treason…It was pride.

These are hardcore demands. But why shouldn’t they be?

Your goals and dreams…what’s their contribution?

They contribute vision, ideas, inspiration and motivation to capture the prize.

They contribute tests to pass, temptations to overcome, doors to kick open and ceilings to breakthrough.

Your goals and dreams are the things which link you to your truest self and bring out the gold that is yours and yours alone to contribute.

Without goals and dreams for a bigger, better and far more beautiful life, you’ve got nothing.

That’s why they roll hard and never allow you to get to the finish line without demonstrating the hunger in your heart.

They play for keeps and they demand that you play the same way.


Is there a soft spot, a possible shortcut, a lucky break on the path to success?

Yes, there is one area where your goals and dreams cut you some serious slack, and this is it…

They do not demand massive amounts of time, but they do demand superior execution.

They want you to work hard but more importantly, they want you to work smart.

There’s no added virtue, nothing worth bragging about in getting rich slowly, in getting healthy slowly, in learning a new skill slowly, in turning your business around slowly…nor in achieving any goal slowly.

If you’re going to work hard to pursue a dream and achieve a worthy goal, you owe it to yourself to find the shortest path.

Would you like to know the shortest path?

The path that quickly advances the ball, puts points on the board…and allows you to fast-track any goal you desire.

The path which will bring you face to face with your goals and dreams sooner rather than later?

It’s time to change the way you achieve your goals and it would be my honor to show you the path of least resistance and greatest personal gain.

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