How to Fast Track Any Goal You Desire

"The old rules no longer apply…It’s not the big who eat the small, it’s the fast who eat the slow."

— Gary Ryan Blair

The people who say there are no shortcuts to success probably haven’t heard of closing speed.

Closing Speed is all about shortening the path to success…it’s about rapidly reducing the size of performance gaps…it’s about radically decreasing the amount of time in getting from Point A to B.

Having great closing speed is the critical difference between being a merely good performer and a truly great performer.


Quicker off the mark than a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche the cheetah is the fastest animal on Earth, capable of going from a dead standstill to sixty miles per hour in 3 seconds flat.

The spectacle of a cheetah running at full speed is the epitome of art in motion…the anatomy and physique facilitating its speed and agility is genetic engineering at its best.

Anyone who has watched a cheetah run down an antelope knows that these cats are impressively fast and display extraordinary closing speed…but it turns out that closing speed is just one of the keys to their prodigious hunting skills.

Just as important as closing speed is their agility — their skill at adapting on the fly, leaping sideways, changing directions abruptly, stopping on a dime and then pouncing on their prey — provides them with competitive advantages over their targets and makes them an extraordinary hunting machine.

The hunt, the achievement of any goal is about strategy, maneuvering, adaptability, acceleration and deceleration, about ducking and diving and ultimately it’s about pouncing (finishing strong) to capture the prize or prey.


Why do so many people and organizations remain inflexible and fiercely loyal to outdated beliefs and behaviors that only produce small, marginal and incremental growth?

As someone who repeatedly, consistently, and quite routinely works with people and organizations who demonstrate superior adaptability skills and exceptional closing speed…achieving goals fast, growth hacking and driving exponential results is my reality.

So how do you do it…how do you accelerate your rate of success, improve your closing speed and experience exponential growth?

To dramatically improve the size and acceleration of your goals begins with an understanding of the Distance Speed Time Formula.

In its simplest terms…speed is a measure of how quickly someone or something moves from one place to another.

Speed is equal to the distance traveled divided by the time.

For our purposes, distance will be defined as the GOAL.

Speed x Time = Goal Achieved

Allow me to explain how to put this simple formula to use in your life.

Over the years, I’ve learned to discipline myself by focusing only on behaviors and strategies that give me the biggest results in the shortest amount of time.

I view time as an asset…an UNRECOVERABLE ASSET.

Unlike any other asset or resource, what makes time truly unique is that it cannot be bought or sold, borrowed or stolen, stocked up or saved, bartered, manufactured, reproduced, or modified in any way.

All we can do is make use of time…to leverage it, and that’s precisely why we need to learn how to accelerate and COMPRESS its use.


As it relates to accelerating your closing speed, compression or compressive forces are two forces moving in opposite directions (towards one another) to compress, shorten and reduce the length of time it takes to achieve your goals.

The two forces we are talking about here and which are accelerating towards one another are your behaviors and your goals.

Together, they act like powerful magnets pulling you and attracting resources toward the achievement of your goals.

The more focused your energies, the more passionate your desire, the more consistent your behavior…the faster your closing speed. It’s that simple.


Tension, or what I like to call resistance forces…are two opposing forces moving in opposite directions (away from one another) to stretch, lengthen or expand the length of time it takes to achieve your goals.

The same two forces…your behavior (procrastination, excuse making, apathy…) and goals are now adversarial and work against one another.

Together, they repel one another and actively work to expand and accelerate the distance between where you are and where you want to be.

They sabotage any chance of success and perpetuate pain, increase tension, compromise performance and intensify suffering.

You must accept the reality that good closing speed is the key to fast tracking your goals.

That’s why you must decide once and for all that you’re only going to engage in behavior that compresses time, that advances the ball, that moves the needle forward, that puts points on the board and that consistently points you north in the direction of your goals.

By improving your closing speed…you’ll get rich faster, get healthy faster, improve your grades faster, learn languages and musical instruments faster…and achieve anything you want to be, have and do faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

The cheetah’s ability to quickly close in on its target goal and maneuver at high speeds far surpasses that of any animal in the kingdom. The cheetah is truly in a category of one. It’s really the all-around athlete. The ultimate hunting machine.

That should be your goal as well.

Happy Hunting!

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