Radical Actions Produce Radical Results

"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them."

— Bruce Lee

Here’s a rule without an exception…

You don’t get extreme talent, fame, or success…without extreme actions.

Nor do you get six-pack abs, well-disciplined kids, or become salesperson of the year.

The number one reason why most people will never enjoy extreme results…is because they are just not sufficiently motivated to engage in the extreme actions necessary to drive extreme results.


In order to become a super productive human being, someone who plays a much bigger game, someone who breaths the rarefied air of greatness and someone who operates at the very peak of their potential…you must live by these rules:

1. You cannot have extreme productivity without taking extreme measures.

2. Extreme productivity can only begin with a zero tolerance for unproductive activity.

I will suggest to you that there is a direct correlation between high income, high performance and high standards and low tolerance for anything that is interfering with your productivity…something that you are doing to yourself or something that you are tolerating other people doing to you.

You’ve got to be very aware of what you are permitting to happen around you, with you, and with what’s getting in your way, and you must be willing to kill it BEFORE it kills your performance and subsequent results.

If you aren’t willing to defend your productivity aggressively, if and when necessary…than what exactly are you willing to defend?

Remember, you get out of life what you are willing to tolerate, and that is why you must have a zero tolerance policy for unproductive behavior. What you put up with, you end up with.


You’ve been conditioned since birth to think and act sequentially as in step one, step two, step three. A then B, walk before you run, first grade, second grade, third grade, single, double, triple, blue badge before you get red badge, etc.

"In the end, it's only radical actions that bring about radical results."

If you’re trying to get extreme results through sequential thinking and acting…you’re in for a lifetime of struggle, disappointment and marginal growth.

High performers just flat out think and act differently.

They believe in advancing rapidly from one place, position, or situation to another without progressing through all or any of the places or stages in between: a leapfrog from worst to first, from poverty to prosperity, from small to large quickly…not sequentially.

This type of thinking and acting allows them to create extreme results by leveraging the knowledge, experience, successes, and failures of others without having to pay the price themselves. It allows them to rapidly advance without going through intermediary steps.

Don’t you want a piece of that action?

Extreme performers think and play the game of multiplication as in growth by multiples while most people are simply focused on playing addition and subtraction. They settle for crumbs while the extremists have all the fun.


Everybody understands the importance of deadlines and that they perform more and better when there’s a heightened sense of urgency.

How you treat deadlines and your ability to act with urgency, speaks volumes about you, your belief system, your reputation, your results and your future.

A huge factor resulting in under-performance has to do with missed deadlines, with deadlines which were never set, along with the non-enforcement of stiff, behavior changing consequences.

I’ve always been amused in professional football and the two-minute drill.

These guys haven’t been able to move the ball for the past two hours and then all of a sudden, with the clock counting down do they finally act as if every play and second counted.

The fact is…it all counted the moment the game began, but now that it’s down to the wire do we see extreme, aggressive relentless action finally taking place.

How come nobody plays the two-minute drill every two minutes?

Extremists do, and if you want extreme results and a guaranteed way to 10X your goals…you have to behave in a manner that demonstrates that every move has importance…and every second counts.

Remember, you cannot have extreme productivity without taking extreme measures, and extreme productivity can only begin with a zero tolerance for unproductive activity.

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