Change Is Inevitable. Growth Is Optional.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves."

You’re now a few weeks into the New Year.

How’s it going?

Are you off to a fast start…aggressively moving the needle on your goals…and turning your resolutions into reality in record time?

For too many…they’ve already broken their promises…abandoned their resolutions…and settled back into old habits and ways of doing things.

That’s why I want you to look at this message as equal parts of inspiration and intervention.

For change to be effective, you must understand that…

Nothing changes in your life if nothing changes in your life.

The beginning of a New Year offers you the first and perhaps the most important opportunity for remaking yourself.

As with any opportunity…you have an obligation to capitalize on it and begin the year enjoying the sweetness of success instead of experiencing and reinforcing the bitter taste of failure and disappointment.

If you’ve already tried to make changes in your life but despite your best efforts seem to find yourself reverting back to old habits and behaviors…you’re going to love what follows.

But, be forewarned as this is about as raw and direct as it gets.

“Ex nihilo nihil fit” is Greek for… Nothing Comes From Nothing.

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

"If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting. You want change, make some."

That explains why causes create effects…inputs produce outputs…and why actions have consequences.

You can’t get something for nothing.

You have to do something to get something.

Every action comes with a reaction.

Everything requires labor….some degree of effort.

Let’s go further down this rabbit hole.

Nothing comes from nothing.

Your wealth, health and happiness…

Is a consequence… a reaction… to your own actions.

That’s why your theme for bringing about change and making big things happen in the New Year, must be to…ANSWER WITH ACTION.

I’m talking about…

Bold, audacious and relentless action.

Let’s unpack this idea even further.

The solution to whatever ails, scares or even inspires you is always the same — ANSWER WITH ACTION.

The more intentional, forceful, consistent and goal-directed the better.

Overweight — Answer with Action

Debt Piling Up — Answer with Action

Character Flaw — Answer with Action

Marital Problems — Answer with Action

Customer Complaint — Answer with Action

Stressed Out — Answer with Action

Reoccurring Issues — Answer with Action

Complacency — Answer with Action

Poor Grades — Answer with Action

Profits Declining — Answer with Action

Weak Sales Performance — Answer with Action

Website Not Converting — Answer with Action

Bad Habits — Answer with Action

Unrealized Dreams — Answer with Action

Whatever it is you want to be, have and do…whatever obstacle stands in your way…

The solution is always the same — ANSWER WITH ACTION.

Read this next line slowly and carefully…

Your results serve as judge, jury and execution of your performance.

Always has. Always will.

This truth applies exactly the same way to a sales person’s ability to meet or exceed quota…to a student’s ability to maintain good grades in school…to a Coach’s ability to build a winning record…as well as to a parent’s ability to raise strong, healthy, self-confident children.

In conclusion…

You will get measured by the means, as well as the ends of our results.

And, the sooner you accept the reality of rising to daily challenges and ANSWERING WITH ACTION…

The sooner you start making big things happen in your life and career.

In conclusion…

Nothing changes in your life if nothing changes in your life.

Good things ONLY come to those who step into the arena, who challenge themselves to dig deep…to answer with action…and to always step up and deliver.

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