You Must Have a Code You Can Live By

"Learn to establish your word as law because that in itself becomes a powerful affirmation of mastery over self."

Make no mistake about it…

There will come a time in your life when you wake up, get serious and determine that the best course of action is to make a contract, a pact or some kind of deal with yourself.

This will be a defining moment, a transformative moment in time where a single decision to do or not to do changes everything.

Well over a decade ago, I made a contract with myself.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

After sitting in on a workshop where speaker after speaker lauded the benefits of outsourcing your content creation…

I left with a feeling of sadness.

Sadness, not for myself…but for how these people sold their souls, and how they chose to represent themselves to their audience and the public in general.

What frauds, I said to myself.

How can you call yourself a legitimate writer, speaker, thought leader or content creator when “your ideas” were created by other people or even worse, by AI?

It was on the flight back home when I entered into a pact.

“I will never compromise my writing. I will never sell out my work to an algorithm. I will preserve my soul and maintain integrity to my work and ideas. I trust that my audience will like, appreciate and find value from my efforts, insights and creativity.”

The way I see it…the best bet you can make is to bet on yourself, to bet on your talent, and to bet on the truth.


You begin the process of developing your contract with yourself by asking the following questions.

• Why do you exist?

• What is this career or schooling of yours really for?

What are the boundaries, the non-negotiables, the lines in the sand?

• What are you keeping score of, optimizing and measuring yourself against?

• Who do you serve and why?

Give these questions the time, care and attention they deserve.

And, once you make this contract…don’t break it because it’s difficult, unpopular or you experience outside pressure to conform.

"Your contract with yourself provides direction in your life and is based on your personal ethical and moral principles."


The purpose of making a promise or commitment is to keep it…and the same goes with a contract you make with yourself.

Don’t fall into the trap where you say you’re seeking to create freedom, joy and authenticity.

But then, incrementally, you find yourself trading those things for money, for status or for approval from strangers.

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