Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

"Success in any endeavor is not about luck…it requires preparation, strategy and skillful execution."


Amat Victoria Curam is Latin for “Victory Loves Preparation”.

It’s a phrase we should all keep in mind before starting anything new.

For example…

The best time to study for a test is…before it takes place.

The best time to keep a customer is…before she walks out the door.

The best time to get legal advice is…before you sign the contract.

The best time to campaign is…before the election.

The best time to prepare for the third quarter (Q3) is…before it arrives.

What big moves…what great adventures are you preparing yourself for in the third quarter?

Success in any endeavor is not about luck…it requires preparation, strategy and skillful execution.

"Successful people throughout history have achieved big, audacious goals in the same number of hours a day that you and I get. The secret to their success is that they use the right tools, embrace the right beliefs and implement the right execution strategies."

Click on the following links for a number of tips, strategies and ideas that are guaranteed to help you start the third quarter in the best way possible.

1. Six Month Tune Up — Review Your Year to Date Results

2. Third Quarter (Q3) Checklist —Seven Must Do Actions

3. Comeback Pan — How to Bounce Back From a Slow Start

Before the third quarter arrives…review these resources, discuss and share them with your associates and most importantly…implement the ideas.


Amat Victoria Curam…victory loves preparation!

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