Killer Instinct…You Won’t Finish Strong Without It

"Your ability to put the hammer down, enforce your will and unleash your killer instinct is ultimately a physical, emotional and spiritual demonstration of how badly
you want to win."

We’ve all seen the person who appears to have it all…

Natural talent

Worldly ambition

Optimistic attitude

Willingness to work hard

Yet, when it comes to driving results, closing the deal, or producing the goods on the big day, they seem to fall short.

Why does this happen?

Where do they keep going wrong?

How do they get so close to winning but somehow just can’t get across the finish line?

It can be difficult to put your finger on exactly where or what they are doing wrong…but in almost every case it comes down to a lack of a Killer Instinct.

A person can appear to be the complete package, but if they don’t have the hunger to dig deep and give that last ounce of effort to do what it takes to win, then it generally counts for nothing.

I’ve seen too many people settle for table scraps when an abundant feast was within reach…and want to use this message to show you how to develop the killer instinct you need to win big and finish the year strong.


Let’s get going…

A killer instinct is a learned trait…it cannot be inherited, it can only be learned, earned and consistently practiced.

I repeat, a killer instinct is a learned trait…it cannot be inherited, it can only be learned, earned and consistently practiced.

The development and enforcement of a killer instinct is one of life’s greatest responsibilities.

"When you want something with great intensity, it brings out primal emotions. You get into this place of…it must happen, it will happen, and nothing can stop me from making it happen. That is what a killer instinct is all about."

It is one the earliest lessons which ought to be taught, and it is probably the last lesson which we learn thoroughly.

Let’s put a change to that by accelerating your comprehension and making the enforcement of a killer instinct a permanent condition.

So what is this thing called a killer instinct…and how do you use it to accelerate your win rate?

A killer instinct is a superpower…it’s a devastating competitive weapon, a powerful mindset that you use to create a lifetime of wins.

The development of a killer instinct is an undeniable declaration that you are going to succeed.

It is the ability to give yourself a command and then to enforce that command when it counts most.

There is no command as great nor any words as powerful as the words “I WILL.”

There is strength, conviction, depth, solidarity, decision, focus, confidence, and sheer determination in the loud, ringing tone which punctuates their delivery.

The words “I WILL” send an advance message to your mind and to those within earshot.

It’s a message of endurance, of triumph over adversity, of victory in the face of great resistance, of the strength, will, and personal constitution to carry on until victory is yours.

I will change my life.

I will be financially independent and debt-free.

I will lose this weight and get in excellent physical shape.

I will get through this and come back better, stronger and smarter.

I will crush my goals and always finish strong!

In the absence of a killer instinct…without the ongoing enforcement of your will, the most complete collection of talents, the best education money can buy and the most honorable intentions in the world are wholly worthless.

Most people will not finish strong, not because of a lack of desire, but because of a lack of a killer instinct…that’s why you must learn to enforce your will over any obstacle or resistance force and put one determined foot in front of the other until the end.

The fact is…it is irresponsible to set the goal of finishing strong without the will, heart, and mindset to win it.

Why? Because nothing can withstand the power of an indomitable spirit.

Every great achievement and comeback in history has been the result of the choices, the determinations, and the creations of the human will…of someone with a killer instinct.

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