Great Heart Will Not Be Denied Victory

"Great things come from three things…commitment, hard work and strong finishes…not from excuses."

My warm heart overflows with hope that you’ll find the next few paragraphs to be instructive, insightful, and illuminating, but my cold and calculating mind suspects that you will find what follows to be an uncomfortable reality that hits a bit too close to home.

If you were to choose to quit reading right now, I would understand.

Oh, my. You’re still here.

I suppose I should begin.

In the spirit of telling it like it is…

Here’s a short list of things which are never going to happen in your life.

• The sale will not close without asking for the order.

You will never be accepted by a school to which you do not apply.

No one will ever read the book that you do not write.

You will never enjoy six-pack abs without diet and exercise.

Binge watching Netflix will not make you better educated.

You will not change your results, if you do not change your behavior.

Quitting when the going gets tough will never lead to success.

Money will never compound by sitting in your wallet.

You will never become wiser by talking rather than listening.

"You can’t go back and change a slow start, but you can close the gap by putting your head down, working your ass off…and always finishing strong."

The moral?

You’ll never finish what you do not start.

Action always beats intention, therefore, the longer you wait to start…the longer it takes to finish.

Until you learn how to predictably and consistently convert your goals, dreams and big ideas into successful outcomes and do it quickly…you’re going to struggle all of your life.

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