What You Could Do vs. What You Actually Do

"Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do."

– Bruce Lee

Depending on when you’re seeing this message, the New Year is about to begin or is already now in play…and if you have any chance of crushing your goals and making this your best year ever it will be because of your ability to identify and close the Knowing-Doing Gap.

The fact is…knowing “What” to do in any given situation is not enough…it never has, nor will it ever be enough. If it was…everybody would be skinny, happy and rich.

The single biggest problem which prevents people from achieving their goals…and the root cause of most people’s suffering lies in their inability to close the gap between knowing what they need to do and actually doing it.

Does that sound like anyone you know?

Why do I know this?

Three magic words…Behavior Never Lies.

The real essence of truth, of who you really are, is not to be found in what you believe, say or even know intellectually…but by what you actually do.

"To know and not to do is still not to know."– Confucius

Allow me to put some meat on these bones…and to expose the gap between knowing and doing.

• We all know that eating a healthy diet is the right call to make, yet too many of us choose to eat poorly.

• We all know that regular exercise is the best thing we can do for our bodies, however a good number of us do not even make time for a walk.

We all know that we should save more than we spend, but the debt held by far too many people, companies and even governments provides proof of a lack of understanding.

• We all know that continued learning is the smartest thing we can do for our careers, however most do not even crack open a book after they leave college.

• We all know that commitments are meant to be honored, yet when faced with difficulty…will takes a walk and resolve heads for the door.

• We all know that going the extra mile for our clients is the right thing to do, however most refuse to do what they know is right for the people responsible for paying their wages.

• We all know what we need to do in order to achieve our goals, however the majority procrastinate, choose fear our courage and hide behind excuses.

Confucius was absolutely right when he said over 2000 years ago…“To know and not to do is still not to know.”

That’s why perhaps the greatest challenge you will face in starting the year fast and focused and perhaps the greatest challenge you will ever face in your lifetime is to close the gap between knowing and doing.

The faster we do it, and the more deliberate our intent…the sooner we live in harmony rather than hypocrisy.

It’s for this reason why I created the 100 Day Challenge…and if you follow my lead for the next 100 days, I’ll not only show you how to crush your goals, but I’ll also help solve this pesky knowing-doing problem forever.

The 100 Day Challenge is a rapid execution system used by more than 675,000 high-achievers to achieve life-changing results in 100 days. Don’t do it unless you want spectacular results.

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