Why Do You Need a Bucket List?

by Gary Ryan Blair

IF YOU CAME here looking for a cute list of things to do before you kick the bucket…you’ve come to the wrong place.

The fact is, putting together your bucket list is a simple and easy process requiring no more than pen, paper (keyboard) and creative daydreaming.

Ticking those items off the bucket list however, is an entirely different beast…and showing you how to kick butt before you kick the bucket is the purpose of this here message.

So, let’s skip the formalities and get down to business…

The GREATEST WASTE of untapped resources in this world are the hopes, dreams, goals and bucket lists that don’t translate into purposeful, goal directed behavior.

Why Do You Need a Bucket List?
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While your bucket list may look pretty and even impress your Mom when surrounded by beautiful imagery of all the things you are going to do “someday” …unless you learn to start implementing, you’ll epitomize Oliver Wendell Holmes famous quote: “Most people go to their graves with their music still inside them.”

Now, before we get into what it takes to start ticking items off the list…let’s slow down for a moment and focus on WHY…as in why is it so important to have a Bucket List in the first place.


The fact is…we’re all playing a high stakes game of one and done, as you have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do.

Each of us gets just ONE bite at this apple called life, and to make the most of it…we need to create a sense of urgency, and begin executing in a way that consistently makes an ever-increasing dent in our bucket list.

If that reality is not enough incentive to get off the couch and into a more active lifestyle…perhaps this will do the trick.


That’s right…time is running out, and each day, week, month and year you slip by without actively working on your bucket list is time you’ll never get back.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get serious about upgrading your execution skills and making check marks on your bucket list…before time runs out.

And, that’s where the trouble begins as you think you have time…you don’t.

For all the things you might want to experience in life…time is running out. And you never know when the last grain of sand will fall through the middle of your own life’s hourglass.

Time is running out for you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be…to make the difference you seek to make…to produce the work you know you’re capable of…to enjoy the travel, experiences and adventure you’ve always dreamed of.

Where’s the urgency to make the most of this ONE life you’ve been given?

Make no mistake about it…time is running out.

Your bucket list needs you…all of you, the courageous you, the bold, ambitious, fearless and unstoppable you…so let’s get busy attacking your bucket list and making your life a masterpiece.


The marketplace only rewards implementation, therefore bucket list items like bungee jumping, running a marathon, writing a book, or visiting every country in the world are completely meaningless without action.

I can state the following with the certainty of a man holding four aces…improving your execution skills is the savviest move you can make as superior execution is the ONLY way your bucket list will ever see the light of day.

You do NOT need to keep adding to your list. You do NOT need more pictures on your vision board, and you do NOT need to wait until the time is right (it never will be).

You need to be more intentional. You need to stop making excuses. You need to implement with a greater sense of urgency. It’s that simple

But, here’s the rub…you have to implement the RIGHT strategies and mindset to get the results you’re looking for. Not the sexiest new strategies, not the shiny object strategies…you have to implement strategies that are TIMELESS, UNIVERSAL and PROVEN.

Put simply, life’s too short to be delusional…and you can’t afford to waste your time or your money on anything else other than proper implementation.

But there’s even more to it than that…

You need to put these proven strategies into a SYSTEM and then you need to work that system every day of your life.

THAT, is how you transform your bucket list from a bunch of wild and crazy ideas into a life of action, excitement and adventure.

And, that’s what you really want…isn’t it?

So how do you do it…how do you kick butt before kicking the bucket? How do you step up the quality, quantity, and intensity of your bucket list activities?

The following are three simple, highly effective and empowering strategies for knocking your bucket list out of the park.

Implement them immediately and you’ll quickly close the gap between the life you are now living, and the one you’re capable of living.

Why Do You Need a Bucket List?


Remember, life is a high stakes game of one and done…and you have limited time to be, have and do what you want in life.

The primary reason and the root cause that prevents from living a large, epic life and making a huge dent on there bucket list is…poor or non-existent execution.

Therefore, your bucket list must be clear, highly emotional and actionable. You must decide to implement like your life depended upon it, otherwise, kiss that big fat bucket list of yours goodbye.




In a world filled with underachievers who spend their time wishing, dreaming and talking about success, it’s the men and women of action, the ones who know what they want and who don’t wait around for some higher authority to give them permission…they are the ones who have the most check marks on their bucket list.

In the end you will regret the chances you didn’t take, the relationships you were afraid to have, the adventures you waited too long to make, and the opportunities you let slip away because you were waiting for permission OR the perfect timing.

Take your destiny into your own hands…give yourself permission to boldly pounce on and seize every opportunity and crazy dream that comes your way.



Your life becomes extraordinary when you decide it will become extraordinary.

Therefore, decide once and for all that it’s time to get your ticket punched, that you deserve to live a bigger, bolder and far more beautiful life.

Choose to star in your own action movie…create a plot dripping with excitement, boldness, audacity, courage, big thinking, great challenges and huge accomplishments …a movie that you not only star in but one where you become your own hero.

This is the ONLY life you’ve got and regardless of how much progress you’ve made on your bucket list…you and I both know that no matter how good or bad your results have been, you can always do better—much better.

That’s why I created the 100 Day Challenge, as it teaches you the best strategies and systems for fast-tracking your bucket list…and helping you to make the most of this one life you were given. You’ll be

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Gary Ryan Blair



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Posted on November 29th, 2017 by Gary Ryan Blair

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