Three Things You Can Say No to Right Now

by Gary Ryan Blair

You have the right and responsibility to START SAYING NO to anything that is hurting you. To anything not in alignment with your values. To the standards that no longer serve you. To the people who drain you of your creativity and peace of mind. To the beliefs that are not true to the real you.

“NO” is one of the most powerful and far-reaching words in your vocabulary…and the easiest word for setting a limit, holding firm to boundaries, and being clear about what you will or will not do.

You must consciously say YES to the right people…the right habits …the right attitudes…the right commitments…all the right things that serve to advance you in the direction of your goals…and say NO to everything else.

Here are three things you can start saying no to immediately that can help manage your environment, change your behavior and have a positive impact on the way you live.

1. Say No to Meetings

Meetings consume large amounts of productive time, most are run improperly and inefficiently, and most can be declined or delegated. List every meeting you have and determine which you will not be attending or delegating to someone else. Be deliberate as to maximize your time, focus and results…you need to remove the time hogs!

2. Say No to Energy Draining Relationships

High performers understand that they are free to cut loose those things in their life — relationships, situations, activities, habits and obligations — that drain their energy. As these high-maintenance, unwanted elements are eliminated, this reclaimed energy makes it possible for you to grow your career and dramatically improve the quality of your life.

3. Say No to TV and Social Media

Binge-watching Netflix or spending endless hours on Facebook could hardly be described as a productive activity. Staring at a screen for hours on end is enough to make anyone feel unsatisfied, lethargic, passive, and disconnected from the rest of the world. If the goal is to live a more fulfilling and productive life…set some boundaries and consider going cold turkey.

Stop the rush to action. Say no when it means you can better define a yes. Ask yourself what matters and decide what doesn’t.

To unleash the power of simplicity, abundance and happiness in your life…be sure to check out the Power of No.


Posted on November 8th, 2017 by Gary Ryan Blair

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