The Power of Personal Development

by Gary Ryan Blair

THERE WILL NEVER be a day of your life that will not require dedication, discipline, good judgment, energy, and the feeling that you can improve.

Each day offers a number of opportunities for improvement, and each moment serves as an advance or retreat in the pursuit of your goals.

Personal development is a lifelong pursuit because life is a work in progress.

You never totally arrive; there’s always some polishing to do, knowledge to gain, and love to deepen.

Self-development ends only when we run out of time…which means, you are, and will always be, a self in evolution.

Who can’t improve a little as a parent, child, spouse, friend, citizen, or employee?

No one is perfect; no one walks the straight and narrow line all the time, and that absence of perfection leaves the door open for ongoing personal development and improvement.

Our fight is not external; it lays internally—mastery over self. The aim of personal development is self-mastery. If we are to dominate events and experience greater levels of performance, we must first dominate ourselves.

Let there be no doubt: as long as you continue to blame others instead of assuming your responsibilities, you will make no meaningful and enduring change for the better.

What kind of people are we, if we don’t have the character to own up to our own shortcomings and responsibilities?

To have and enjoy certain liberties requires us to hold each other and ourselves accountable for our actions.

Here’s a truth you can lean on…all personal development is dependent upon you becoming a better person.  It’s a solo act, which requires contemplative thought, behavior modification, along with a healthy dose of humility.

To enjoy a better life, you must first become a better person.

If you want to be a better manager, become a better person.

If you want to be a better parent, become a better person.

If you want to be a better doctor, become a better person.

If you want to be a better leader, become a better person.

One well-executed idea—or one person who’s attracted to you because of what you’ve become can change your life forever.

So goal setting should primarily focus on yourself—becoming the best person you can possibly become so people are attracted into your life.

You must continually seek for on-going personal development and self-mastery for the purpose of developing a balanced philosophy of life, and then live in accordance with the dictates of that philosophy.

Perhaps most difficult of all, personal development means surfacing and re-examining all those assumptions that operate today in your life and business.

It’s about more than simply acquiring new knowledge and insights; it’s also crucial to unlearn old knowledge that has outlived its relevance. Thus, forgetting is probably at least as important as learning.

Self-improvement begins with a few questions:

How should I live my life so that I am fulfilled content?

Am I becoming the person I was meant to be?

In order for me to make more money, what habits must I begin to initiate?

What should I begin doing today in order to leave a lasting legacy once I’m gone?

Which behavioral vices must be removed and replaced with virtues?

How can I contribute and make myself more useful as a human being?

Answers to questions like these require an intense evaluation of your life.

Nothing surpasses finding a weakness early in your career and dealing with it before it has a chance to spread and negatively affect future opportunities.

Pay special attention to the patterns you see again and again. Judicious self-development means you no longer draw the blinds on what you abhor or settling only for a small squeak of what’s possible.

Concentrate your energies on what needs development and how you can perform better. Don’t play games by denying the reality of a certain part of your character or personality because it’s easy and convenient through the creation of false perceptions.


Personal development is a kind of “damned if you do… damned if you don’t” situation. If you don’t improve people will say that you should. When you do change, they are disbelieving. Improve anyway!

Spend your life learning how to live. Living is a performance art that requires you to do the hard work if you’re going to do it well. We write, produce, and act out our own drama. Life is fired at us point-blank; we must constantly decide what to do with it.

Life is an ongoing journey, with lots of beginnings and continuations. We never get to a point when all knowledge is attained and understood, when our bodies function flawlessly, when we completely honor our values, and achieve every goal.

We get better when we do better, when we rise to the great challenges that life presents…and that’s why your going to love the 100 Day Challenge as you’ll be challenged each and every day to step up your game, improve your performance and become a far more powerful and capable human being.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

P.S. Here’s a 4-minute video on personal development which reinforces the importance of a commitment to excellence.


Posted on June 6th, 2017 by Gary Ryan Blair

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