Take a Flying Leap

by Gary Ryan Blair

You have a dream.

A bold audacious goal.

An intense call to action.

You feel the pull of purpose.

It’s big.


Wild even.

You’ve done the work.

You know your stuff.

You’re ready.

You’re willing.

And yet…there you stand.

On the precipice of real, true action…

UNABLE to move forward.

What are you waiting for?

A sign?


A guarantee?

The perfect moment?

All the planets to align?

A voice from the heavens to come down to give you the almighty go ahead?

Life’s too short to waste it being delusional.

So, answer these questions.

Why does failure and risk taking scare you?

Why do you allow them to intimidate and paralyze?

Why do so many people spend their lives playing it safe?

Choosing to play not to lose…instead of playing to win?

Both failure and risk taking have an image problem.

It stems largely from a lack of education and first-hand experience.

Let’s change that right now so you can get on with your life.

And start making big things happen.

How do you like those apples?

The truth of the matter is…

No mountains can be climbed.

No hearts can be won.

No opportunities can be seized.

No books can be written.

And certainly no victories enjoyed without risk.

Nor without the possibility of failure.

There will be no definite sign.

No moment when the conditions are perfect.

No booming voice declaring that destiny has arrived.

One more class will not prepare you.

Another fancy degree won’t make you any more confident.

Those last few pounds don’t hold the key to happiness.

Only you do.

It’s time to take a flying leap in the direction of your wildest dreams.

It’s time to live a bigger, bolder and far more beautiful life.

It’s time to choose yourself.

You are not powerless in the face of risk…you are powerful.

Identify all appropriate actions that can and will tip the scales in your favor.

Pinpoint everything that will increase the probability of success.

Leverage and maximize the upside positive result you desire.

Your fate is not in any way linked to forces outside of your control.

Through hard work, relentless execution and gritty perseverance…

You can enforce your will over any obstacle or resistance force.

And emerge victorious.

The risks you’ve taken in the past define your life and reality as it is today.

And the risks you take today will define your life and reality as you would ideally like it to be tomorrow.

Which means, risk taking is not an opportunity to be avoided.

It’s an opportunity to be exploited as long as you do it intelligently.

Be mindful that if you don’t take a chance, you don’t stand a chance.

That’s why anything worthwhile is worth pursuing…

Even though risk is involved, and failure a possibility.

The world needs you.

All of you.

The bold.



You’re so much stronger and tougher than you think.

So, do the world a favor…

And take a flying leap in the direction of your wildest dreams.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

P.S. Every pro was once an amateur, and every expert was once a beginner.

The only way to unleash your greatness…

Is to accept the positive role that both failure and risk taking play in your life.

I created this manifesto to show you how.

Snag a copy and devour it with everything you’ve got!


Posted on August 7th, 2017 by Gary Ryan Blair

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