How You Do That Thing You Do

by Gary Ryan Blair

IF YOU WANT to realize your full potential…being proactive, bold, decisive, and relentless isn’t just an option…it’s a mandatory requirement.

Fortunately for you, you have far more power than you realize to turn things around, to transform your life and to fast track your goals.

This message exists to provide you with a powerhouse of an idea…one immensely useful strategy on how to start the year right and how to build a life and career filled with excitement, achievement and meaning.

Use this idea…this strategy to up the ante on who and what you can become.


Contrary to popular believe…sustainable competitive advantage does not come from what you do, nor why you do it…but in HOW you do it.

To unleash your greatness and to fast track your goals…you must out-behave, out-perform, out-hustle, out-innovate and out-class your competitors.

And, to continue to score big wins, to enjoy the benefits of a long winning streak…you must come to the understanding that your primary responsibility is to out-behave, out-perform, out-hustle, out-innovate and out-class who you were yesterday.

Regardless of whether you practice Law, Medicine, or Psychiatry…whether you do Police Work, Social Work or Masonry Work…whether you’re an Engineer, Architect or Computer Programmer…WHAT you do is a commodity…and WHY you do it is the motive (short for motivation) that drives your actions.

To be perfectly blunt…WHAT you do on a day-to-day can be duplicated, deconstructed or reverse-engineered and with time can be learned and mastered by others.

That’s what makes it a commodity.

WHY you do what you do is absolutely essential as it provides the fuel, meaning and conviction that drives your actions and reactions.

However, HOW you do the thing you do with speed, integrity, excellence and panache is where you need to focus your time and attention…that is, if you want to stand apart from the crowd.


It all begins by asking a few simple but profound questions…

How are you out-behaving the competition?

How are you out-performing who you were yesterday?

You see…”how” you do what you do — your behavior — your creative, integrity-driven ability to EXECUTE not only matters more than ever, it matters in ways it never has before.

The fact that customers can instantly compare price, features, previous customer experience, as well as quality and service standards requires all of us to fundamentally rethink how business operates and how we individually conduct our business.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “Character is fate” and it is our individual responsibility to bring our best self to the game…we must contribute our full character and creativity to perform our best work each and every day…every moment of our life.

Improving your HOW is a process that begins by asking every HOW related question you can come up with such as…

   How can I be a better teacher, coach, or leader?

   How can I set a more inspiring example?

   How can I be a better parent, sibling or spouse?

   How can I step up my game in every area of my life and career?

   How can I become an indispensable asset to the people I serve.

In the end, improving your how is all about love, quality, self-respect and holding yourself accountable to a superior level of behavior.

While what you do and why you do it is important…HOW you do that thing you do is what provides you with a sustainable competitive advantage that’s priceless. Don’t ever forget that.

The two best things about improving your HOW?

It’s free and all within your area of control.

Let’s wrap this up with a final thought followed by a call to action…

There will never be a day that does not provide you with the opportunity to rise and shine…to step up your game, to demonstrate courage, discipline, focus, commitment and integrity…to improve your how

You must out-behave your competitors…you must certainly out-behave who you were yesterday…and you must absolutely ensure that in your efforts to improve you how that…

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair


Posted on January 16th, 2017 by Gary Ryan Blair

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