Go Unstuck Yourself

by Gary Ryan Blair

Like a fine Bordeaux …please consume this message slowly and lovingly as what follows is one question which you can use to get unstuck and change your life in the process.

One of the primary ways I begin to analyze a subject is by asking pointed, provocative and intellectually challenging questions.

I then drill into each question looking for ways to find truth, fallacy, and unique interpretation that creates an epiphany in the minds of the reader.

That would be you…my furry friend 🙂

The following question is worthy of serious consideration as the answer will tell you a lot about your future and your ability to change.

This question has allowed me to coach people to make monumental performance gains in all areas of their lives and careers.

And the question is…

Can you make yourself do something you really don’t want to do, in order to get a result you would really like to have?

Please consider the implications of that question.

Allow me to explain why…

Because, when you are able to answer this question affirmatively, you will experience a massive shift in your perception of the immediate future.

This single concept can dramatically alter your relationships, career, finances and even your health!

The deeper question, of course, is:

What result would you like to have?

What goals do you want to see realized?

How healthy (or unhealthy) are you willing to be?

What kind of marriage do you really want to experience?

Does it really matter to you whether or not your family is debt-free?

Remember, behavior never lies.


So you want to be in peak physical shape . . .

You desire a marriage filled with love, excitement, and laughter . . .

You crave freedom from the stress and uncertainty of monthly bills . . .


What activities must be done – with a single-minded focus – in order to achieve the life you long for?

And can you make yourself do those things?

I am betting that you can!

As creator of the 100 Day Challenge, I have witnessed the amazing changes people can make when they challenge themselves to do the things they really don’t want to do… especially when a deadline is enforced.

There it is. No more sugarcoating or explanation needed.

Do you truly want to succeed in your chosen endeavor?

Do you want to radically and permanently change your life?

Do you really want to experience heaven on earth?

Then, can you make yourself do something you really don’t want to do, in order to get a result you would really like to have?

Yes or No?

I know you can.

Do you…and when will you begin?

Tomorrow is not your friend.

Now’s the time for decisive action.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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Posted on February 20th, 2018 by Gary Ryan Blair

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