Financial Freedom in 100 Days

by Gary Ryan Blair

So, here we are, in the midst of a veritable Perfect Storm with stress and challenges in the world. With an economic environment unparalleled in several decades, ongoing wars, record-high unemployment, massive consumer credit card debt, sky-high foreclosure rates, and, for far too many people, very little savings or retirement funds in place.

These developments demonstrate a massive wake-up call for the necessity of self-reliance, a serious and sustaining commitment to change, detailed action plans, and a commitment to take firm control of your destiny.

Without a doubt, your greatest asset in life, and your primary sense of security and freedom, extends from your ability to produce results. And THAT… THAT is what self-reliance is all about.

Self-reliance is all about freedom from the control or influence of outside parties. It’s a simple yet very powerful concept that encourages each one of us to take responsibility for our own needs…that being physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and economic.

And to put it more directly, it’s an understanding that nobody owes you anything. And, in order for things to get better in your life, well, you must step up, perform better, and produce far more consistent results… as there is no other way.

The good news is that there will never be a day of your life that will not provide you with the opportunity to take responsibility, to take massive action on your goals, to change your behaviors, and to demonstrate self-reliance.

Each day offers an opportunity for improvement, and each moment of your life serves as an advance or as a retreat in the pursuit of your goals.

So, do you want to become more self-reliant? Do you want to enjoy more freedom and control over your life and your future? Well, it’s actually very simple. Just say YES!

Say YES, that I’m ready for a challenge. That is, the 100 Day Challenge, and you’ll learn the key tactics and strategies necessary in order to create a performance explosion that will change your life forever.


Posted on December 30th, 2016 by Gary Ryan Blair

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