Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish

by Gary Ryan Blair

“Accountability makes a good person great and a great person unstoppable.”

Jim Rohn

Pick a goal…any goal.

Got one?


Be mindful…

That goal you just picked…

That thing you want to be, do or have…

Will have no value if you don’t finish.

And, chances are you’ll never get it across the finish line.


Commitment issues.

How can I be so certain?

Behavior never lies.

Here’s the deal…

There is but one acceptable degree of commitment…Total.

Commitments present themselves in delineations of black and white…

You either honor your commitments, or you don’t.

There are no shades of grey…zip, zero, nada.

Success is the result of making and keeping commitments to yourself and others…

While all failed or unfinished goals, projects, and relationships are the direct result of broken obligations.

It’s that simple, that profound, and that important.

Commitment is a serious competitive problem…

That merits a serious and sustained competitive solution.

Your ability to honor your promises directly impacts your credibility, reputation, trustworthiness, earning ability, and overall peace of mind.

Goal Achievement Strategies

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The greatest and most unfortunate betrayal is that of oneself.

Being able to adhere to our commitments begins with self-respect.

When you say one thing and do another…

When you set goals and start projects but don’t finish them

When you go on a diet but quit soon after beginning…

The only thing at which you become successful at is…

Sabotaging your reputation with yourself.

And, when we dishonor our own commitments and lie to ourselves…

How on earth can we be expected to honor the commitments we make to others?

What kind of person do you want to be known as…

Someone who honors their commitments and who knows how to brings things to a close?

Or someone who’s unreliable, not trustworthy and who suffers from a commitment deficit?

Character defines an individual, and honoring commitments helps to define your character.

To crush your goals and unleash your greatness on the world…

Accept this truth…

There is but one degree of commitment…Total.

Therefore, focus on building your commitment muscle.

You do that by adopting this integrity pledge…

If you make a commitment…honor it.

If you make a promise…keep it.

If you set a goal…achieve it.

Aristotle was absolutely right when he said…

“Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in a particular way.”

By honoring your commitments…

You’ll wake up each day with determination…

And go to bed with immense satisfaction.

Commitment counts…

It will make you…and without it, it will break you.

Mark it down, asterisk it, circle it, underline it and by all means enforce it.

Every successful endeavor begins with the power of your commitment…

And ends with you getting your goals across the finish line.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

Gary Ryan Blair is creator of the 100 Day Challenge…a radical approach to goal achievement that shows people how to accelerate their results, achieve 10X size goals and transform every area of their life and career — FAST.

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Posted on July 9th, 2018 by Gary Ryan Blair

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