Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

by Gary Ryan Blair

Repeal and Replace.

No…we’re not talking about healthcare…

But we are talking about habits…as in repealing and replacing the people, places and things that negatively impact your life…that slow you down or derail progress…or which compromise your character in any way.

This is important because for you to operate at the peak of your potential…you must achieve a state of moral, spiritual and physical renewal and complete liberation from negative influences.

Although it takes different shapes throughout your life, the essence of repealing and replacing remains consistent: it’s a release or separation from some burden (either physical or mental) it furthers healing, creates positive change…and ultimately empowers you to unleash your greatness through its replacing effect.

Let’s begin by taking a look outside before we go to work inside your life.

We see examples of repealing and replacing going on all around us…and I trust the following will raise awareness of its relevance and how it can become a distinct, highly profitable and lasting competitive advantage in both your personal and professional life.

Organic fruit and vegetable growers repeal the use of pesticides, dyes and genetically modified organisms and replace them with natural fertilizers.

Online stores like Amazon and Netflix repeal the trip to the store and replace them with the convenience of shopping from home.

Digital cameras repeal the need for expensive film and time consuming development and replace them the immediacy of a digital image.

Robots and other forms of artificial intelligence are repealing the use of human manpower and replacing them with machines that replicate certain human movements.

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In fact, I created the 100 Day Challenge with repealing and replacing in mind…

The 100 Day Challenge is an ambassador of excellence as we aggressively repeal any behavior, thought pattern or rituals which negatively impact or inhibit forward progress…and replace them with behaviors that inspire, promote and celebrate excellence.


To change and fully optimize your life…you must decide what stays and what goes, what’s in and what’s out, what’s included and what’s excluded from your life.

You do that by purging and repealing impurities…and by keeping, building upon or replacing that which is good, right, healthy, positive and noble.

In other words…out with the bad, and in with the good stuff.

Let’s pivot back and focus on you…on what you need to repeal and purge from your life so that you operate at your maximum potential…lean, pure, fast, focused, passionate, free and unencumbered in any way.

Remember…we are all playing a high stakes games of ONE AND DONE so give all that follows the attention and commitment it deserves.

What are the non-negotiables…the people, places and things that are not permitted, that must be intentionally repealed for the betterment of yourself…your clients, community and your overall peace of mind?

1. What eating, drinking or physical habits do you need to repeal and what will you replace them with?

2. What addictions, or compulsions need to be repealed and what will you replace them with?

3. What spending or wasteful habits need to be repealed and what will you replace them with?

4. What fears, hang-ups or insecurities need to be repealed and what will you replace them with?

5. What time wasters and bad habits need to be repealed and what will you replace them with?

6. What physical and psychological environments need to be repealed and what will you replace them with?

To fast track your goals and to live and operate freely…you must repeal and eliminate anything that pollutes and contaminates your mind, body or soul and replace them behaviors, belief systems and execution strategies that consistently move the needle forward.

By changing those habits…you will change your life.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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Posted on June 6th, 2018 by Gary Ryan Blair

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