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You're in for a real treat as I'm going show you a proven system for fast tracking your goals, unleashing a performance explosion...and getting more accomplished in 100 days than most people and organizations do over the course of ten years.

So whether you’re an entrepreneur, salesperson, student, athlete, soldier, manager or office worker...the 100 Day Challenge will be your ticket to inexpensively transforming your life, skyrocketing your sales and profits and achieving any goal you want faster and easier than ever.

Imagine what it would be like 100 DAYS FROM TODAY if you could...

• Be in the best shape of your life
• Write and publish your book or song
• Become the sales leader in your organization
• Create an info-product and launch it worldwide
• Improve your grades and get on the Dean's List
• Generate game-changing revenue for your current business
• Restore or strengthen relationships with family, friends or colleagues
• Pay off thousands of dollars in debt...and become completely debt free

How would that make you feel...and what impact would it have on your life and career?

Not only would it propel you to a completely new level of experience, confidence, and accomplishment, but it would likely have a domino effect on your life for years to come.

Skeptical? Here's indisputable proof that you can indeed TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE IN 100 DAYS...


Every farmer lives by the law of sowing and reaping… They know that they can plant tiny seeds in one season, and watch them transform into a mighty harvest within 100 days.


The United States Army can take an out-of-shape recruit who has never held a weapon in their life and in a 100 day period of time...transform them not just into a well-disciplined soldier, but into a highly competent fighting machine.


Extreme fitness programs like P90X and INSANITY have built empires by creating radical body transformations for people all over the world...and in less than 100 days gives them the abs, stomach, and booty they always dreamed of having.


Dancing With the Stars is so much more than a dance contest... it delivers a complete transformation in real time by thrusting celebrities from their comfort zone and turning them into world-class dancers in one season which by the way is less than 100 days.


Mother Nature is also in the transformation business as she has proven time and again when she goes from the dead of Winter to the abundance of Spring with its color-rich flowers, all in 100 days.

Pick any area of life or business, and you'll find a small group of people who refuse to think and act like the masses...who buck the system...who question conventional belief, and as a result, wind up doing extraordinary things in a short amount of time.

Yes, I'm Ready to Start Crushing My Goals

Hi, I’m Gary Ryan Blair...

If you’re a business person, entrepreneur, athlete, coach, student, parent, or someone who simply wants to accelerate their rate of success, play a much bigger game and unleash their greatness...I can help.

Over the years, I have become known as The Goals Guy and developed a reputation as someone who people and organizations go to when they want to create game-changing results quickly.

I specialize in rapid growth execution strategies and created the 100 Day Challenge to show you how to get more accomplished in 100 days than most people do over the course of ten years.

From the moment you begin…you’ll be challenged to think and execute much differently. You’ll immediately begin to question why you’re not currently experiencing 10X, 100X, 1000X or even 10,000X type growth.

Why is this step an important part of the growth acceleration process?

Because unless you begin to think bigger, unless you learn the proper force multiplier strategies…and unless you apply them in a systematic way…you will never experience this kind of explosive growth.

The truth is… successful people throughout history have achieved big, audacious goals in the same number of hours a day that you and I get. The secret to their success is that they use right tools, embrace the right beliefs and implement the right execution strategies.

I look forward to sharing those tools, beliefs and execution strategies with you.


Contrary to popular belief it's not what you know or even who know that matters most in life. The #1 skill that ultimately determines your destiny is your ability to execute and drive results.

I believe that you’re only as good as your systems and attribute my success to a proven goal setting and execution framework which I have built and refined over the course of my career.

Not only has the 100 Day Challenge helped me to experience exponential growth…it has also delivered jaw-dropping results for more than 600,000 people in over 80 countries around the world, to include some of the best companies in the world.



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Yes, I'm Ready to Start Crushing My Goals


“Show me a goal with no challenge or risk and I’ll show you a goal with no value or reward.” — Gary Ryan Blair

For the next 100 need to do just 3 things.

1. Choose Three Challenging Goals....To experience a transformation in 100 days, you need to set three big, ambitious goals…the ones that call out to you, come and get me…the ones that demand everything you’ve got.

2. Trust the Process....The 100 Day Challenge is a proven execution system that delivers radical results. The process requires that you follow the plan, take massive action and honor every deadline.

3. Start Fast and Finish Strong....To enjoy life changing results in 100 days requires 100 days of fast starts and strong finishes. The compounded effect of those two disciplines will turn you into an elite high performer.

Climbed Mount Everest

Got Goals? You bet I do, and the lessons learned in the 100 Day Challenge motivated my friends and I to make the impossible possible. We scaled Mount Everest and here's the picture and t-shirt to prove it. Love this program!

Gerri Kier

Boulder, Colorado



  • You'll make more progress in 100 days than most people do over the course of ten years.
  • You'll learn a proven system for driving radical results that you can use the rest of your life.
  • You'll develop an indomitable, relentless, unstoppable spirit that is awe-inspiring.
  • You'll build supreme self-confidence as your ability to rise to the mental demands and physical rigors of the 100 Day Challenge strengthens your core.
  • You'll find out what you are really capable of...GREATNESS.

Yes, I'm Ready to Take The Challenge

Let’s Do This Thing!
Mortgage Free in 100 Days

I can't tell you how important your program has been in the progress I have made in my life. I paid off the $192,000 mortgage balance and today I am debt free. The 100 Day Challenge was a life changer!

Michael Wilcox

Sarasota, Florida

Here's What You Get with the 100 Day Challenge

You get everything you need for crushing your goals...getting in great shape...becoming debt free...skyrocketing your sales and income...
and transforming your life and career in 100 days!


The 100 Day Challenge does not mess around. These lessons are direct, intense and actionable...because if you want extreme've got to go to the extreme.


We want you taking action and winning all day long...and we want you to have easy 24/7 access to reinforce the challenge lesson while you drive, walk, jog or bike.


With this daily implementation plan, we’ve done all the “heavy lifting” for you. It includes 100 implementation strategies for getting maximum gain with minimum effort.


Forget everything you know about goal setting as this crash course is like getting an MBA on what it takes to inspire excellence and drive results—fast.


An esthetically beautiful email will great you each day for the next 100 days. It will lead you to your new lesson and strategy for crushing your goals.


Each day requires a game plan, deadlines and accountability. This daily discipline will keep you focused and progressively moving forward.


Inspire and be inspired by high-performers from all over the world. You'll connect with other members, create friendships and enjoy rich conversations with fellow challengers.


Once you get your'll immediately have access to a private VIP hangout for high achievers. These are people who are making big things happen in the world.


Your life changes the moment you set and commit to a big challenging goal. These forms will help you navigate your way to a bigger, bolder future.


Most people spend their lives playing addition...but the 100 Day Challenge is a game of multiplication. You'll learn proven strategies for making large performance gains.


AAR‘s are weekly measurement tools aimed squarely at driving a persistent improvement in skill, knowledge, accountability and overall results.


Free access to a weekly training call led by Gary Ryan Blair. You'll get motivation, coaching and new insights on what it takes to live large.


Make your phone, desktop and tablet come to life with these 100 stunning images and motivational messages...all designed to get your mojo working.


The 100 Day Challenge is more than just driving's also about demonstrating excellence, character, integrity, and every noble virtue and best practice.


A free resource for getting your daily fix of the 100 Day Challenge. The app provides quick and easy access to the world's best goal setting program.


The purpose of setting a goal is to achieve it. We won't let you lose focus and have devised a series of diabolical tools to keep your eye on the prize.



This is Gary Ryan Blair's vault consisting of white papers, special reports, articles and mind-expanding manifestos. Packed with proven secrets and advanced strategies.


The goal of the 100 Day Challenge is not to just get you to another level...but to an entirely different orbit. You'll learn exactly how to make progress in large jumps.


A powerful series of 65 time-released brain bombs that challenge you to step it up and take massive action. Fire them up when you need that blast of motivation. A great value added resource.


It takes one set of skills to acquire a goal...and a much different set to maintain possession over the long haul. You'll wish you learned this strategy much earlier in life.


Your "WHY" is your psychological's the motivation, burning desire, and passionate fire that gets you to take action on your goals. This will ignite an inferno of heat and unleash your greatness.


If for any reason the 100 Day Challenge doesn't get your mojo working...let us know within
30 days and receive a full on-the-spot refund. You get all the reward, without any of the risk.

Make This Your Best Year Ever

Whatever brought you here...luck, chance, maybe hearing about the 100 Day Challenge—doesn't matter.

You've found the world's most powerful high-performance system to help you fast track your goals, drive extraordinary performance gains...and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE IN 100 DAYS!

Exponential growth...transforming your life in 100 days and making a quantum leap is a new drill which requires an entirely different set of mental muscles along with superior execution strategies.

That’s why I’m thrilled that you’ll be participating in the 100 Day Challenge.

The truth is…successful people throughout history have achieved big, audacious goals in the same number of hours a day that you and I get. The secret to their success is that they use right tools, embrace the right beliefs and implement the right execution strategies.

I created the 100 Day share with you the exact same methods I’ve learned to shatter sales goals, quickly grow a number of multi-million dollar businesses... and coach people to extraordinary, legacy-defining performances.

And...I accept full responsibility for inspiring people to DARE MIGHTY THINGS like climb Mount Everest, run their first triathlon, launch their own businesses, and say adios to their comfort zone.

I'm confident I can do the same for you.

While I can't promise that you'll be taller, better looking or have improved gas mileage as a result of your participation...I can promise that you're just 100 days from transforming your life and achieving ANY goal you want in record time.

It's time to change the way you achieve your goals...and it will be my honor to show you how.

Gary Ryan Blair

Yes, I'm Ready to Take The Challenge

for only $177

Let’s Do This Thing!
An Incredible Program

Success is goals, and all else is commentary. Gary Ryan Blair has developed a powerful, practical program that shows you how to set goals and plot strategies for each area of your life. Everyone should participate in the 100 Day Challenge!

Brian Tracy

Best Selling Author of Maximum Achievement

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