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Professional goal setting

"Steve Jobs changed the way we communicated. The Wright brothers changed the way we travel. Gary Ryan Blair is changing the way we achieve our goals."

- Brian Tracy

NYT #1 Best Selling Author

Gary Ryan Blair

"Steve Jobs changed the way we communicated. The Wright brothers changed the way we travel. Gary Ryan Blair and his 100 Day Challenge is changing the way we our achieve goals." - Brian Tracy

Gary Ryan Blair is the #1 Best Selling Author of Everything Counts, and the Founder of the 100 Day Challenge — a high performance challenge for people who want to achieve more in 100 days than most do in 10 years.

Like any world-class competition … the 100 Day Challenge contains the elements necessary to unleash your greatness … rules, performance standards, best practices, accountability, a scoreboard, fans, a finish line, intense competition and most of all fun.

It’s not for everyone. But, if you want the discipline, strategies and accountability to transform your life in just 100 days .... it’s definitely for you.

With over 640,000 members and growing, we seem to be on to something. We have been adopted by Fortune 500 companies ... Military Special Forces ... Professional and Olympic athletes ... mom and pop entrepreneurs … work at home moms … you name it.

Our members hail from virtually every walk of life in over 80 countries around the planet.

Why does it work? When you set goals within the context of a 100 day sprint ... you no longer have the luxury of indecision or inaction. Each day is game day. Every move counts.

By compressing deadlines, enforcing accountability and taking massive create a 100 day winning streak of goals achieved, exponential growth and life changing results.

Here's my promise to you...everything you've done to this point in your life is small potatoes compared with what you're going to do once you take the 100 Day Challenge!