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“Think about everything you do in terms of revolutionary change rather than evolutionary change.”

Astro Teller

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN the most potent execution strategy you can deploy to transform your life, career or business and take it, not just to the next level, but to catapult it way beyond where it is now and light years ahead of your competition?

Furthermore, how would you like to learn how to accomplish those objectives with less effort, in less time and without breaking a sweat?

If these things sound exciting to you, hold on…you’re about to discover the holy grail of execution strategies…the one that if you can gain mastery of…will transform your life, and give you everything you want in life.

Impossible, you say?

It will be my pleasure to pull back the curtain and remove all doubt.

Bruce Lee has been quoted as saying…“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

LEVERAGE IS A FORCE MULTIPLIER STRATEGY which many of us know about, yet few fully grasp and apply.

If you’re willing to suspend disbelief and think radically different…I’ll show you what you must do to fast track your goals…create a performance explosion and unleash your greatness.

We work hard but hardly question whether we’re working smart.

Sustainable success achieved quickly through smart execution strategies like leverage is the only game worth playing.

To fully comprehend the awesome power of leverage…let’s begin with a history lesson.

The term simple machine refers to the six classical simple machines which were defined by Renaissance scientists.

They are:

  • Lever
  • Wheel and axle
  • Pulley
  • Inclined plane
  • Wedge
  • Screw

Simple machines are all rooted in the principle of LEVERAGE and designed to help us lift, pull or raise items, change the direction of the force, increase the force, split things, fasten things, and cut things.

You unconsciously use simple machines and LEVERAGE in every area of your life, every day of your life.

Examples include…lifting a wheelbarrow, opening a door, closing blinds, clipping your nails, riding a bike, driving a car, cutting vegetables, splitting wood, turning on the water faucet, going up a ramp, opening a bottle of wine, and even when enjoying a seesaw with your children.

Simple machines exist to help us work SMARTER, EASIER and FASTER by making better use of our muscle and brain power…they allow us to get more done with less effort.

Just think how difficult and complex your life would be without the power and profound influence of these simple machines.

Simple machines are all about leverage and productivity…and the key thing that you cannot afford to overlook is that…


Here’s a short list…

You can leverage time, money, knowledge, experience, talents, contacts, social media, technology, information, ideas, customer loyalty, trust, reputation, past achievements, testimonials, scandal, tragedy, good news as well as bad…and even failure can be leveraged.

As it relates to leveraging success and why it’s so important to learn how to achieve big goals early in life…many people think the achievement of a challenging goal is enough in itself, but you should always consider whether you can EXTEND this win into other areas…and milk it for life.

Leveraging Gold

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps offers a great example…he successfully leveraged his swimming achievements and 21 gold medals by negotiating endorsement deals worth $25 million dollars annually from sponsors like Speedo, Ping, Under Armour and Wheaties.

Precisely because everything can be leveraged to improve the quality of your life, and shoot your productivity to the moon is the key reason why you must be intentional and move mastering the art of leverage to the top of your to do list.

I consider gaining leverage as more of an art than a science, since it requires perspective, insight and creativity along with the ability to effectively implement change involving people, processes and technology.

Leverage is a force and result multiplier. In the same way that a power saw can cut through wood like a hot knife through butter, or how a nail gun can secure an entire wall in seconds compared to the hours it would take with a hammer and nail approach…you can use leverage to accelerate results and multiply your effectiveness in less time and with less effort.

For the purpose of this lesson…we are going to focus on the key things you can do to leverage what I call high lifetime value and high dollar per hour activities.

These are the leverage points that bring you the highest personal reward and enjoyment.

So what are high lifetime value and high dollar per hour activities and why focus on them?

Because low lifetime value and low dollar per hour activities such as junk food, games, entertainment, gossip, worry, fear, procrastination, apathy, negativity, selfies, running errands, organizing closets and just general administrative stuff CANNOT be leveraged.

They are time wasters and opportunity killers and actually provide a net loss…indulging in them makes your life worse.

Sadly, this is the space where the majority of people operate.

If you want to achieve greater success, make more money, enjoy more time and experience more freedom…THERE’S ONLY ONE WAY.

You must learn how to leverage high lifetime value and high dollar per hour activities.

The following provides a blueprint to run with and build upon.

Leverage your diet and exercise routine to maintain stamina, enjoy peak energy levels and ensure longevity.

Leverage past accomplishments to take on new and bigger challenges.

Leverage your reputation to build a 100% referral driven business.

Leverage every opportunity to demonstrate excellence and mastery.

Leverage your creativity to out-think problems, outperform competitors and exceed expectations.

Leverage drive time by listening to motivational and educational material.

Leverage failure to stage a comeback… prove people wrong and demonstrate the quality and resilience of your character.

Leverage your skills and expertise by getting published and creating a new revenue source.

Leverage technology to organize priorities, schedule activities and manage projects.

Leverage systems to operate more efficiently, effectively and profitability.

Leverage customer loyalty to spread the word and attract more clients.

Leverage speed and rapid execution to create an unbeatable competitive advantage.

Leverage other people’s knowledge and experience to avoid making costly mistakes.

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Why do it the hard way and reinvent the wheel…when you can reinvent the results by leveraging the knowledge, skills and experiences from people who have already made the trip.

Success is not achieved in a vacuum nor by employing only one point of leverage so it’s wise to get yourself, team or family focused on which levers can be used in combination to create the greatest effect.

Let me say this as plainly as I can…If you aren’t using EVERY POINT OF LEVERAGE you have, then you’re wasting time, money, effort and energy.

That’s why the smartest thing you can do right now is to build your list of high lifetime value and high dollar per hour activities and assets which can be leveraged for maximum effect.

These are the people, processes and technologies that will provide rewards in all areas of your life…for the remainder of your life.

These are the leverage points that bring you the highest personal reward, the greatest financial return, and the biggest wins from the smallest amount of effort.

One final point…and one worth tattooing on your forehead:

There’s no greater leverage than truth and trust.

Honesty and trustworthiness are the ultimate leverage points as well as the most powerful of all force multiplier strategies.

Be honest and trustworthy in all your dealings and your reputation and business will reap epic rewards.

As to what’s next…

Start licking your chops…because I’m going to show you exactly what you must do to achieve your 10-year goal in the next 100 days.

It’s time to change the way you go about achieving your goals and in part 5, you’ll learn how.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair
Creator | 100 Day Challenge

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