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Gary Ryan Blair On-Air Biography

This bio and set of questions are provided for your use during our upcoming interview.


The Year Is Halfway Over…Do YOU Need To Step It Up and Crush It In The Third Quarter?

Because if you do, you’re about to learn some powerful ideas for achieving your goals, inspiring excellence and CREATING RADICAL RESULTS—FAST!

We’re all staring down the barrel of the same reality…the FIRST HALF of the year is now complete and your results speak for themselves. You’ve had SIX FULL MONTHS to showcase your stuff…how did you perform? …did you knock it out of the park? …are you on pace for a record year? …are you even close?

My guest today believes that the importance of how you execute the third quarter cannot be overstated. He will explain that expecting to get better results from the same old behavior will only succeed in perpetuating your current situation, and why it will never get you to a higher level of performance.

I hope you have a pen and paper nearby, as we’ll be discussing…

  • …the secret to rapidly and significantly increasing your performance.
  • …how to make progress by large jumps instead of small increments.
  • …how to super-charge your career and dramatically increase your earning power.
  • …how to make a huge dent in the world and rip the lid off of any past performance.
  • AND, how to finish the year strong!

Interview Questions

  1. Why should people take the evaluation of their goals and first half of the year performance very seriously?
  2. How can we use our six-month performance as a guide in making goals for the third quarter and beyond?
  3. You talk a lot about performance gaps, can you explain what you mean by that?
  4. Why did you create the 100 Day Challenge? History? Do we really need another goal setting program?
  5. I know a lot of listeners out there are pretty skeptical about the idea of getting 10 years worth of results in 100 days — we’ve all heard a lot of bold claims over the years. Can someone really make that type of huge performance gain in such a short period of time?
  6. I have a follow up question for you. You’ve explained how to compress time and results, but does your method actually make it EASIER to get those results?
  7. This may sound naïve, but what are the specific things people need to focus on in order to finish the year strong?
  8. Is it best to enroll individually, as a family, team or entire company?
  9. Who will most and least benefit from participating in the 100 Day Challenge?
  10. How can people sign up, and by when as I assume this is a small window of opportunity?