Hustle Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Hustle

“Hustle is one of those skills sets that kids should be learning along with good table manners and proper etiquette.”

Gary Ryan Blair

A lot has changed lately…

Volatility everywhere.

Uncertainty as far as the eye can see.

Ambiguity rules the roost.

Isolation and disruption on a mass scale.

But with everything that’s changed…

Some things remain the same.

The future belongs to those who execute, initiate and hustle.


Because action always beats intention when intention doesn’t act.

Even during times of great upheaval those with a bias for action are making things happen in their life, career and business.

I hope that you’ll find the next few paragraphs to be instructive, insightful, and illuminating.

And I certainly understand if you find them to be irritating.

Either way…what follows is the best possible course of action for you to take.

“Your mission should you choose to accept it is to out-work, out-suffer and out-hustle your competition.”
— Gary Ryan Blair

Check that…it is the only course of action that will prepare and position you for success in the days, weeks and months to come.

Without apology or sugarcoating…

Most people have an aversion to change, discomfort, sacrifice and hard work…

They have turned procrastination, apathy, and excuse making into a true art form.

The pandemic has ruthlessly exploited that reality.

It’s for that reason why I want to send a message and burn this truth into your mind…

The best thing that you and I can right now is to deploy a strong, aggressive, unrelenting offense…

An offense fueled by an indomitable spirit and good old-fashioned hustle.

Hustle is one of those skill sets that every one of us (including your kids) needs to master for the simple reason that hustle always beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle.

When will your big breakthrough come…how will that opportunity be seized…how will your finest hour arrive?

Do you honestly believe that it will materialize out of thin air?

Have you experienced money falling from the sky?

How many best-selling books, songs, or screenplays have ever been written by themselves?

For you to come out of this pandemic leading rather than following the pack…

You must seek out and rise to the great challenges you thrust upon yourself…

And then you must hustle your buns off in order to make it happen.

There is no other way!

Good things come to those who hustle…who work hard…who pay the price and who initiate progress.

Always has.

Always will.

Procrastination is a disturbing and debilitating character trait as it’s an unvoiced threat to goal attainment…the very antithesis of hustle.

While things may come to those who wait…

It will only be the table scraps left by those who hustle.

From my heart to yours…

I want you to always remember…

While others might be taller, better looking and maybe even more talented than you…

Hustle will always beat talent, when talent doesn’t hustle!

Gary Ryan Blair is creator of the 100 Day Challengea radical approach to goal achievement that shows you how to 10X your goals by applying the strategies of growth hacking.

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