How I Get 10X Results Every 5 Days

"To achieve great things, three things are needed: an inspiring goal, relentless execution, and an impossible deadline."

Gary Ryan Blair

There’s a special kind of magic in having very little time to get things done.

That’s why I manage my entire workload based on what I plan on getting done by Friday.

That’s it.

No long-term planning sessions, no confusing charts, boards or graphs.

Just 5 days to get stuff across the finish line.

This process demands focus, speed and consistency of execution.

And you better believe it’s effective.

It’s also simple.

If this pandemic taught you anything…

I sincerely hope that it was that volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity is the new normal…

And, that the future is faster than you think.

It’s for that reason why you need to rethink that whole life is a marathon, not a sprint philosophy.

I assure you…your future will be quite primal and consist of an ongoing series of high-performance sprints.

Unfortunately, too many will resist this truth and continue to operate with antiquated beliefs, out-dated tactics and inferior execution skills.

Rather than adapt to the demands of change and accept the idea that performance sprints are the way to go…

The majority will resist and some even outright reject the need for change and pay dearly for that decision.

As a result…they will quickly become competitive toast and find themselves on the endangered species list.


The problem with creating longer planning cycles is that they lack immediacy, gravity and urgency.

Every additional day, week, or month decreases the visibility and accountability for a single day of work.

Your focus needs to be on reducing the amount of time you can cheat or be soft with your time.

Performance sprints solve that problem by providing you with the focus, seriousness, and get it done now attitude you need to drive results.


Imagine that you wanted to lose 20 pounds this year.

At lunch, on Monday…you decide to order a cheeseburger, fries and a shake because hey, you have all year to make up for it.

But if you want to lose 2 pounds by the end of this week…

You better get your buns back into the gym or on that Peloton bike right this minute!

"Most importantly…the world needs you…all of you…the brave you, the risk-taking you, the big thinking and highly capable you."

Short windows challenge you to make the most efficient use of your time because there’s no room to “make it up later.”

Every move is important. Each one counts.

Performance sprints are powerful and empowering because they create breakthroughs through the intentional use of time compression.


When you set goals within the context of a short-term performance sprint…

You no longer have the luxury of putting off decisions or not taking action.

By compressing deadlines, enforcing accountability and taking massive, relentless action each day…

You dramatically accelerate your goals and the speed by which you close any gaps in execution.

In addition, a well-executed performance sprint embodies…

• Flawless execution.
• Supreme attention to detail.
• Being more efficient in less time.
• Being focused and immersed in the moment.
Starting fast and finishing every day and task strong.
• Summoning an intensity to fight through the tough days.
• Sustained quality, speed and efficiency from beginning to end.

One additional point worth highlighting…

Short windows of time ensure all of your attention goes towards your top tier priorities.

When you’ve got weeks or months to plan, you can jam lots of stuff into your schedule, including many things that may not be the highest and best use of your time.


“You can spend the remainder of your life perpetuating the same behaviors and getting the same pint-sized results…or you can learn to upgrade your execution skills and start achieving big goals quickly.” — Gary Ryan Blair

The thing to remember is that the world is changing fast — much faster than most would like.

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity is the new normal.

To survive and prosper in the months and years ahead will require superior execution skills and quick-strike capabilities.

Think about the implications of a high-performance sprint…

• Your level of excitement, energy and focus is at peak levels.
• Execution is happening on a daily, moment-by-moment basis.
• You’re fast tracking every goal you set in record time…
And, you’re getting more accomplished than you’ve ever done before.

How much procrastination can you withstand…

How many excuses can you make…

How many bad days or weeks can you experience in a performance sprint?

Zip. Zero. Nada. Oogatz.

That’s why you need to implement the discipline of performance sprints.


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