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Are YOU Ready To Do Something Epic?

Because if you are, you’ve just found the world’s most powerful program for achieving your goals,
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The world needs men and women with BOLD AMBITIONS, people who think big, who are fueled by hearty goals, and on fire with a dynamic vision for creating a better future.

However, in a world filled with unlimited abundance and possibility, where dreams do come true, where you can achieve anything you set your mind to...most people are small thinkers, driven by tiny goals, and pint-sized ambitions.

The problem with small thinking is that it ONLY leads to small and insignificant results.

Are you planning to stay small forever? Are you done settling for table scraps? Are you fed up with under-performing, and accepting only a small token of your potential?

From the moment you begin the 100 Day Challenge, you'll learn...

  • ...the secret to rapidly and significantly increasing your performance.
  • to create change on a grand scale that will revolutionize your life forever.
  • to make a huge dent in the world and rip the lid off of any past performance.
  • to make more progress in the next 100 days than most people do in 10 years.
  • Doing the impossible will now become standard operating procedure!

The 100 Day Challenge Will Help You to Achieve Any Goal—FAST!

Imagine what life will be like once you're able to lose that weight, become debt free,
accelerate your income, and achieve ANY goal you want in record time!

Sometimes It’s Okay to Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Get 10 Years Worth of Results in Just 100 Days!

One thing we all have in common is that we all love a challenge!

For some it could be a goal that puts you to the ultimate test, an obstacle that says you can’t beat me, a belief system that is begging for a breakthrough, or even a mountain that just dares you to climb it.

Whatever it is, your attitude should be BRING IT ON!

Climbed Mount Everest

Got Goals? You bet I do, and the lessons learned in the 100 Day Challenge motivated my friends and I to make the impossible possible. We scaled Mount Everest and here's the picture and t-shirt to prove it. Love this program!

Gerri Kier

Boulder, Colorado


The first half of the year is now complete and your results speak for themselves. How did you do?

If you are below target or unhappy with your individual or team performance, you need to step up your game and deploy better strategies BEFORE it’s too late.

Be mindful, if you are already behind target and choose not to adopt better execution strategies, the consequences of inaction will be extreme, dramatic and negatively impactful to your future.

Crush the Third Quarter for only $147!

Let’s Do This Thing!
Mortgage Free in 100 Days

I can't tell you how important your program has been in the progress I have made in my life. I paid off the $190,000 mortgage balance and today I am debt free. The 100 Day Challenge was a life changer!

Michael Wilcox

Sarasota, Florida

Everything You Need for
Achieving ANY Goal You Want

The 100 Day Challenge is Appropriate for Everyone Who Wants to Win

Gary Ryan Blair

Known as The Goals Guy and #1 Best Selling Author of Everything Counts, I've spent over 20 years of my life showing people how to build and maintain superior performance.

My skills and knowledge led me to create a number of world-class resources which have been used by more than 60% of the Fortune 500, and over 5 million people worldwide.

I created the 100 Day Challenge to share with you the same methods I have used to shatter sales goals, quickly grow a number of multimillion dollar businesses, and coach people to extraordinary performances.

My style is to mix a blend of encouragement, strict discipline, hyper accountability, and a strong sense of urgency to keep you performing at the very top of your abilities.

How I Cracked the Code to
Get 10 Years’ Worth of Results
in 100 Days!

The genesis of the 100 Day Challenge began by fixating on one question:

What does it take to deliver radical results—quickly?

When I finally cracked that riddle and put the pieces together, I knew if people followed it, that they would produce radical results fast, but I wasn't sure if anyone was disciplined and crazy enough to stick with it for ALL 100 days.

Turns out...there are a lot of crazy, hyper-committed people out there. Crazy people with BIG GOALS like Michael Wilcox of Sarasota FL, who actually enjoyed being pushed to the limit, and who achieved the goal of paying off his entire $192,000 mortgage balance.

Is the 100 Day Challenge hard? Does it require discipline, accountability, hard work, sustained commitment and relentless action?

You bet it does, but the results are BIG...and they come FAST!

We’re not the only ones who think you’ll love it.

The 100 Day Challenge has delivered jaw-dropping results for more than 300,000 people in over 80 countries around the world, to include some of the best companies in the world.


You're Going to Love the 100 Day Challenge...

...and not just because it produces radical results fast. Or the greatness it brings out in you. Or all of the goals it helps you to achieve. It’s all those things, plus the fact the 100 Day Challenge is flat out fun to do.

Motivational Rocket Fuel
  • 100 HD Training Videos - each video keeps you focused
  • 100 MP3 Audio Lessons
  • Massive Action Plan
  • Crash Course in Goal Setting
  • Quantum Leap Strategies
Proven Ideas That Work
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  • Goal Setting and Planning Forms
  • After Action Review
Performance On Demand
  • Weekly Measurements
  • Integrity Pledge
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  • Accountability Coach
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for only $147

Yes! I’m Ready for the Challenge!

ACT FAST! Registration closes on April 14th

Transform Your Life in Just 100 Days

In December of last year, I went from essentially $0 to $14,800 in just one month. And so far this year, I have made close to $250,000. I could not have done it without the 100 Day Challenge®.

Catrina Posada

Phoenix, Arizona

10 Minutes a Day to Greatness

The fact is ANY task or goal takes as much time as you allow for it to take, and by setting short non-negotiable deadlines, and by enforcing daily execution, it won’t take much time to start seeing BIG RADICAL RESULTS.

The best part of the 100 Day Challenge is that you don’t have to devote 12 hours a day, or 4 hours, or even 1 hour. 10 minutes a day is all it takes to to drive bigger, better and faster results in all areas of your life and career.

The 100 Day Challenge not only lets you do more, it lets you DO MORE THINGS FASTER, and with less wasted effort. And that's what you really want, isn't it?

You’ll Love It or I’ll Buy It Back Guarantee

I’m so sure you’ll love the 100 Day Challenge that I’m giving you a no questions asked, unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

If for ANY reason you think this EXTREME PERFORMANCE ACCELERATION program isn’t worth the time or money you invested, just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund every penny. No questions asked.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

The 100 Day Challenge is delivered immediately to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You are now less than one minute away from implementing the most extreme performance acceleration program on earth WITHOUT costing you a fortune to get it. But you have to act fast... as enrollment closes VERY soon!


for only $147

Yes! I’m Ready for the Challenge!

ACT FAST! Registration closes on April 14th

An Incredible Program

Success is goals, and all else is commentary. Gary Ryan Blair has developed a powerful, practical program that shows you how to set goals and plot strategies for each area of your life. Everyone should participate in the 100 Day Challenge!

Brian Tracy

Best Selling Author of Maximum Achievement