Aim. Fire. Win. Repeat.

"Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy,
or stupid. Those things are what happen when you
don’t have a plan."

Gary Ryan Blair

The people who say there are no shortcuts to success probably haven’t heard of the Bullseye Strategy.

The Bullseye Strategy is all about shortening the path to success…it’s about rapidly reducing the size of performance gaps…it’s about radically decreasing the amount of time in getting from Point A to B.

If you truly want to accelerate your results and achieve your goals faster…It’s much easier than you think.

All you need to do is measure every decision against your goal.

Allow me to explain…

Everything counts. Nothing is neutral.

Everything you think, say and do has a direction which moves towards or away from your goal.

Each decision compliments or comprises, impresses or disappoints, speeds up or slows down progress.

The Bullseye Strategy is simplicity and sophistication in action. All it requires is that you measure every decision against your goal.

And you do that by developing a one-question, one-answer (yes or no) response to every decision you make.

This one question which I’m about to share with you…will allow you to measure every situation, decision, and obstacle with the confidence and certainty of a man holding four aces.

"You can only move forward or backward,
north or south, closer to or further from your goal."

With every decision or opportunity, ask yourself:


A few examples might be helpful right about now.

Let’s say your goal is to run a marathon and complete it in under 4 hours.

Then you get invited to a late night party the night before the race.

Measure the decision against the goal.

Will going to the party help me to achieve my marathon goal faster?

If the answer is no…then the decision is no.

Tempted to eat a doughnut?

Will eating this doughnut help me to achieve my health goals faster?

Once again, if the answer is no…then the decision is no.

By implementing this one-question, one-answer strategy, I promise you that nothing can stop you from making rapid progress and hitting the bullseye on any goal you set.

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One final point to reinforce the power of the bullseye strategy…

Will clicking on this link help you to achieve your goals faster?

Yes. It most certainly will!

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