100Day challenge

Registration Opens on June 30th


Convince your boss letter

You want to participate in the 100 Day Challenge, but there’s one person who needs convincing.
Use this letter to get the buy-in you need. It works like magic!


With the New Year quickly approaching, I have a great idea on what we can do to START THE YEAR FAST and crush our 1st quarter goals.

Say hello to the 100 Day Challenge!

The 100 Day Challenge is an online, hardcore goal setting program designed to get people and organizations to perform at their best through superior execution and a strong sense of urgency.

By setting goals in the context of a 100 day sprint, we no longer have the luxury of putting off decisions or not taking action. It’s pedal to the metal right from the very first day of the year.

Just imagine what would happen if we all challenged ourselves to set a fast pace, and score some big wins early. We’d build some serious momentum right out of the gate that could very well make this our best year ever.

Whether we choose to focus on goals such as driving sales, improving profits, or increasing overall productivity, taking part in this 100 Day Challenge will no doubt provide a significant ROI.

The guy behind the curtain is Gary Ryan Blair, #1 Best Selling Author of Everything Counts.

His client list looks like a who’s who of top players from just about every industry. In fact, more than 600,000 people and organizations to include IBM, Disney and Ford participate in the 100 Day Challenge.

How much will it cost?

That’s the best part as it’s only $177 per participant.

Please check out the website at www.100daychallenge.com

I’d love to have your blessing to participate, and encourage you to seriously consider having the entire company participate as well.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to your favorable response.


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