by Gary Ryan Blair

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.”
 — Leonardo da Vinci

Mind Control is a lesson worth mastering…

No…I’m not talking about manipulating, reforming, brainwashing, or exerting authority, dominance and mastery over others.

However, I am talking about manipulating, reforming, brainwashing, and exerting authority, dominance and mastery over oneself.

Let’s begin with a statement of fact…

There’s no form of mind control that’s more powerful and inspiring than control over one’s own mind.

In effect, it’s the ultimate superpower.

I define mind control as the conscious regulation and mastery of the self, by the self, over the self.

It is the capacity to develop an impenetrable mental fortress which overrides unwanted thought, feeling or impulse in order to achieve ones goals.

Exercising dominance and control over your mind means that you have the type of mindset and spirit that is incapable of being overcome, subdued, or vanquished.

In short it means that you are unconquerable.

Goal Setting Strategies

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In the absence of mind control…without the ongoing enforcement of will, the most complete collection of talents, the best education money can buy and the most honorable intentions in the world are wholly worthless.


“You have two choices, to control your mind or let your mind control you.”
— Paul Coelho

Let’s face it…in your efforts to achieve your goals, you will always struggle with unexpected, unwanted, and uncontrollable aspects of your environment, but your ability to control your mind and overcome these seemingly indomitable obstacles will earn you recognition, results and hard fought rewards.

Ups and downs in performance are often directly traceable to psychological ups and downs.

Therefore, high performers work to create the proper mental environment, a mentally tough mindset and spirit where they can perform at consistently high levels.

A strong mind as well as an indomitable spirit is a learned trait…it cannot be inherited and must be earned and consistently practiced.

What that means is…you can learn to develop the heart and mind of a champion…and because you have the right, you also have the responsibility to do so.

The ultimate measure of a strong mind and an indomitable spirit is consistency.

Your ability to exercise mental toughness, to consistently rise to every challenge, to bulldoze your way through every setback, and to confront any form of resistance head on and prevail is the true litmus test.

It’s actually pretty simple…you’re either going rise to meet the mental demands and physical rigors of a challenge, or you’re going to succumb to them.

And in today’s competitive environment…you cannot afford to be a mental weakling.

Precisely because strength as well as weakness begins in the mind…all challenges are initially won or lost between your ears…and that is why you need to toughen up mentally.

Let’s have a good look at the belly of this beast called mind control, and define exactly what it means to be mentally tough.

1. You Are Unconquerable

You will not allow yourself to be conquered, vanquished or overcome. You will pursue your goals with the belief and internal faith that they will be achieved and you will enjoy victory against all odds.

2. You Are Invulnerable

You are immune to a mental attack as you have trained your mind to be mentally impregnable. Self-doubt and negativity are non-existent to someone who knows how to control their mind.

3. You Are Supremely Self-Confident

You have a healthy and elevated self-image. You have a rock solid personal constitution, and project a calm, focused but no-nonsense attitude when it comes to achieving goals and driving results.

4. You Take Initiative

You have the motivation and energy to endure pain, setbacks, discomfort and sacrifice. You know what you want and take the appropriate actions to ensure success without compromise.

5. You Master Your Energy

You have the ability to control and master negative emotions like fear, anger, envy and frustration. This increased mental awareness allows you to stay focused on what is positive, powerful and purposeful so that you can deliver consistent results.

It’s for these reasons why I encourage you to mentally work on yourself…to be intentional and develop the mindset of a champion.

To do that…you must face obstacles with confidence, view setbacks as mere inconveniences, and move forward towards your goals with an unconquerable, invincible, indomitable spirit.

One thing I’ve learned in life is that there is an indomitable quality within the human spirit that cannot be destroyed…a face deep within the human personality that is so strong that it’s impregnable to all assaults.

Find that place in your mind, nurture it…and victory is yours.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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Posted on March 26th, 2018 by Gary Ryan Blair

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