Time is Running Out

by Gary Ryan Blair

Let’s skip the formalities and cut to the chase…Time is running out.We are all playing a high stakes game of one and done.

You have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do.

Where’s the sense of urgency?

The real trouble is that you think you have time…you don’t.

Parents, your children are growing up quickly…you need to be in a hurry to teach them, to shape their character and to ensure self-reliance.

Entrepreneurs, you need to be in a hurry to add greater value, to dazzle and amaze…in a hurry to create work that people would miss if it were gone.

Teachers, you need to be in a hurry to captivate attention, to instill a love of learning…in a hurry to turn your students into informed and educated leaders of tomorrow.

Politicians, you need to be in a hurry to serve the interests of your constituents, to enact change…in a hurry to honor your promises and commitments.

Leaders, you need to be in a hurry to share a bold, empowering vision, to inspire hope and to instill confidence…in a hurry to set the example that you want everyone to emulate.

Students, time is going by faster than you realize…you need to be in a hurry to create good study habits, to develop a love for learning…in a hurry to solve challenging problems and to acquire good decision making skills.

Make no mistake about it…time is running out.

That’s why we all we need to be in a hurry to face our fears, develop courage, share our bravest work, commit to excellence, get in shape, get out of debt, shed high-maintenance relationships, eliminate excuses, connect on a deeper level, dare mighty things, be generous, forgive others, love intensely…in a hurry to pursue our goals, make our dreams come true and to make our mark on the world.

What are you waiting for?

Make today a day of massive action…because time is running out for you to become the person you were meant to be…born to be. 

The world needs you…all of you, the courageous you, the bold, ambitious, fearless and unstoppable you.

Give your life the moment it’s been waiting for.

Gary Ryan Blair

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Posted on February 8th, 2017 by Gary Ryan Blair

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