Pest Control

by Gary Ryan Blair

I love the slogan for RAID bug spray…KILLS BUGS DEAD.

RAID provides pest control solutions which allow you to exterminate unwanted pests and take back control of your home.

Now, you can go right ahead and call me Captain Obvious…but it’s worth stating; we each have way too many distractions, unwanted pests that keep us from getting things done, and which conspire to control and manipulate our environment.

Between the ringing of the phone, urgent emails, instant messages, drop-in visitors, tighter deadlines, shiny new objects, endless opportunities, and ever greater expectations… focusing on what’s most important – the highest and best use of your time has become more of a challenge than ever before.

Every unwanted pest is a contestant for time and focus that once lost creates collateral damage to existing results and momentum.

And, if you do not deliberately go to work to take back control of your time and your environment…then you’re playing a fools game and deserve the pain and suffering you’re experiencing.

My objective in creating the 100 Day Challenge was to provide you with a system and a mentality for becoming a super productive human being, someone who plays a much bigger game, someone who breaths the rarefied air of greatness, and someone who operates at the very peak of their potential.

To unleash your greatness…you’ve got to be very aware of what you are permitting to happen around you, with you, and with what’s getting in your way, and you must be willing to kill unwanted pests BEFORE they kill your performance, contaminate your environment and derail your focus.


The very first thing on your to do list each and every day should be to facilitate maximum productivity at your best mental attitude so that you can be highly productive.

And, if you aren’t willing to defend your time, focus and productivity aggressively, if and when necessary, what exactly are you willing to defend?

Remember, you end up with what you put up with and that is why you must have a zero tolerance policy for unwanted pests and unproductive behavior.

There is a direct correlation between high income, high performance and high standards and low tolerance for anything that is messing up your productivity; something you are doing to yourself or something that you are tolerating other people doing to you.

To experience consistently strong results… you have no choice but to make very specific decisions over how you are going to control these things.

That includes what you do, where you do it, if you do it, who you do it with, and how you do it. Most importantly here is “the who.”

When it comes to driving results and dramatically improving your performance there is no neutral, and certainly no negatives when it comes to spouse, staff, friends…they’re either helping you to achieve your full potential or they’re hurting your ability to do so.

Before you go…here’s one more point on exterminating unwanted pests…say no to everything that’s not aligned with your essential priorities.

That’s your job. That’s your right. That’s your responsibility.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair


Posted on April 21st, 2017 by Gary Ryan Blair

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