by Gary Ryan Blair


How do you like the sound of that?

Would you like a piece of that action?

Do you believe it’s even possible to live without limits?

Let me assure…YOU CAN.


Your physical body is controlled by a pea-shaped gland called the pituitary gland.

The size of your hands, feet, breasts, nose and eyes to name just a few body parts are regulated by the pituitary gland through a process called determinate growth.

Your pituitary gland allows those parts of your body to grow to a certain size and shape before coming to a screeching halt.

While your pituitary gland intentionally puts the breaks on your physical growth, there’s an entirely different set of rules that apply to your mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.

It’s called Indeterminate Growth.

Indeterminate growth is the process of constant and never ending growth.

It means that there is no ceiling on your capacity to grow, to learn, to earn, to love, to laugh nor to give and share your unique gifts to the world.


Other than the mental handcuffs and limits you set upon yourself, there is absolutely nothing that prevents you from enjoying ever increasing performance breakthroughs as indeterminate growth means that you can grow indefinitely.

In other words…Limitless.

The very idea of limitless, indeterminate growth should be such a turn on, such and inspiring concept that there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t spend every day of your life beating who you were yesterday…and enjoying one record breaking day after another.

I created the 100 Day Challenge to show you how to apply and leverage the Principle of Indeterminate Growth so that you can get more accomplished in the first 100 days of this year than most people do over the course of ten years.

Your mindset for the moment may be flawed by doubt and skepticism. I completely understand….however, I encourage you to suspend and liquidate all doubt as you’ll NEVER reach your full potential by holding onto self-limiting beliefs. Never means never.

Is the idea of making huge performance leaps, jumping from your present level of achievement to one several stages higher in 100 days an alien idea to most people?

Of course it is!

Why? It’s very simple.

You have not been trained to think that way…it was never taught in school, and most likely never modeled by your parents.

You bought the story that growth was small and incremental and that there’s only so much you can achieve.

As a result, you have definite reservations about the possibility that you can make such exponentional improvement at all in such an abbreviated time frame.

However, I assure you, your doubts and skepticism are rooted in MENTAL LIMITATION.

Your doubts are NOT the product of accurate thinking but habitual thinking.

Years ago you drank the Kool-Aid and accepted flawed and limiting conclusions as correct…you began to live your life as if those warped ideas about your potential were true, and ceased the bold experiment in living.

2017 has arrived…destiny is calling, and now’s the time for you to embrace a few new and empowering beliefs.

It has to be this way as the beliefs that brought you to your current level of performance are INCAPABLE of taking you to a higher and far more superior level of performance.

My advice at this moment is that if you want to be skeptical of some ideas that truly deserve to be called into question, challenge the thoughts and beliefs that have argued against your taking big, bold and audacious moves.

Doubt is the enemy of hope; it does the majority of damage. Therefore, don’t give it any mental space.

From the moment you begin the 100 Day Challenge…I will share with you the Principle of Indeterminate Growth and how to apply it in your life and career.

I will encourage you to proceed boldly, to deploy an overwhelming offense, to move with great speed…AND to act as if it is completely inconceivable that you will experience anything other than a significant leap in your performance.

If by chance, you still feel like doubting something, doubt your self-imposed limits…because you’re here to unleash your greatness, to make your mark and it would be my honor to show you how to do it faster than you ever imagined possible.

Welcome to 2017: The Year of Now!

Gary Ryan Blair

P.S. You’re just 100 days from transforming your life…from crushing your goals …getting in great shape… becoming debt free…skyrocketing your sales and income, and achieving ANY goal you want in record time.

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Posted on January 15th, 2017 by Gary Ryan Blair

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You're just 100 days from transforming your life... from crushing your goals... getting in great shape... becoming debt free... skyrocketing your sales and income and achieving ANY goal you want in record time.