How to Achieve Rapid Success — Part 2 of 3

by Gary Ryan Blair

In part one of this series on Achieving Rapid Success, I shared with you the most potent growth hacking strategy there is…the Law of Accelerating Returns and why it’s in your best interest to learn everything there is about it.

In its simplest terms…the Law of Accelerating Returns states that technological change is exponential and that the rate of change acts much like compound interest.

It increases against the starting point at ever increasing rates…and it’s the reason why we are seeing such exponential, non-linear growth and rapid changes in technology.

To add further proof as to why you need to “get this message”…here’s a few other accelerating technology laws which validate my points.

Koomey’s Law states that the energy required for computation halves every 18 months.

Kryder’s Law states the amount of information we can store doubles for the same amount of space every 18 months.

Butter’s Law states the amount of data we can put through optic fibers doubles every nine months.

Nielsen’s Law states that bandwidth to the average home doubles every 21 months.

Sawnson’s Law states that the cost of solar panels drops 25% every doubling of manufacturing capacity.

Haitz’s Law states that the amount of light generated by an LED advances 20 times each decade and the price falls 90%.

LOOK CLOSELY…and you’ll see that they all share the same clear pattern of rapid growth.

It’s worth bringing to your attention that almost all of the consumer products you use LEVERAGE a number of these technologies simultaneously.

What this means for you and I, as well as anyone interested in being competitive and relevant in the future is that technological change is accelerating so quickly… and the only viable strategy is to change our way of thinking about achieving rapid success…and then acting accordingly.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” -Dr. Seuss


While technology is accelerating at an explosive rate and will CONTINUE to do so…most people and organizations operate with flawed and outdated beliefs.

A moments reflection will point out that we’re multiplying our capabilities as a civilization, and yet we still accept the highly-limiting beliefs that important societal change and progress, like re-engineering education, combating crime, innovating in government, medicine, law and even politics — must take generations.

Despite irrefutable proof of what we can accomplish in a short amount of time, most of us remain firmly fixed in the comfort zone and follow per-prescribed paths.

Today that changes…and it begins with a recognized but highly undervalued word…LEVERAGE.

Peek under the covers and you’ll see that all technological laws are driven by leverage. They eliminate waste, accelerate results with less effort and leapfrog previous accomplishments.

Isn’t that what you really want as well?

Leverage is the overachiever’s way to get more bang for the proverbial buck and you can use it to quickly and dramatically extend your reach, increase your personal power, fast track your goals, and unleash your greatness.

Let’s begin with an important insight…everything can be leveraged.

You can leverage time, money, knowledge, experience, talents, contacts, technology, information, ideas, customer loyalty, testimonials, scandal, tragedy, good news as well as bad, success, failure and even BELIEF SYSTEMS can be leveraged.

Precisely because everything can be leveraged to improve the quality of your life and to accelerate your success is reason why you must be deliberate and learn to master the art of leverage.

I consider gaining leverage as more of an art than a science, since it requires perspective, insight and creativity along with the ability to effectively implement change involving people, processes and technology.

Leverage is a force and RESULT MULTIPLIER.

In the same way that a power saw can cut through wood like a hot knife through butter, or how a nail gun can secure an entire wall or roof in seconds…you can use leverage to accelerate and multiply your effectiveness.

For the purpose of this lesson…we are going to focus on the key things you can do to leverage what I call HIGH LIFETIME VALUE and HIGH DOLLAR PER HOUR activities. These are the leverage points that bring you the highest personal reward and enjoyment.

So what are high lifetime value and high dollar per hour activities and why focus on them?

Because low lifetime value and low dollar per hour activities such as junk food, games, entertainment, gossip, worry, fear, procrastination, negativity, selfies, social media, running errands, organizing closets and just general administrative stuff cannot be leveraged.

They are time wasters and opportunity killers and actually provide a net loss…indulging in them makes your life worse.

Sadly, this is the space where the majority of people operate.

If you want to achieve more success, make more money, enjoy more time and experience more freedom than focus on leveraging high lifetime value and high dollar per hour activities.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can reinvent the results by leveraging the knowledge, skills, experiences, thought patterns and technologies from people who have already successfully made the trip?

In fact the 100 Day Challenge is a pure leverage play.

I leveraged my experiences to create the program, leveraged time and money to build it, and leveraged available technology to deliver it so that people from all over the world could benefit from it.  

And in the same way that a movie star makes a movie once. The leverage from the 100 Day Challenge comes when millions of people pay to participate in it.

Let’s face it…success is not achieved in a vacuum nor by employing only one point of leverage so it’s wise to get yourself, team or family focused on which levers can be used in combination to remove waste and create the greatest effect with the least amount of effort.

That’s why your most immediate priority should be to focus on building your own list of high lifetime value and high dollar per hour activities and assets that can be leveraged for maximum effect.  

These are the people, processes, thought patterns and technologies that will provide rewards for the rest of your life. These are the leverage points that bring you the highest personal reward, the greatest financial return, and the biggest wins from the smallest amount of effort.  

This is such a vital lesson, as life is too short to do it the hard way. But hold on, as what you’re going to learn in part 3 will set you up for massive success in the years to come.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair


Posted on October 30th, 2017 by Gary Ryan Blair

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