Challenge Yourself

by Gary Ryan Blair

Every once in a while, a game-changing program comes along that delivers a transformational message that is appropriate for the board room, the classroom , the locker room, and the living room.

The 100 Day Challenge is a universally embraced program which has successfully delivered results to tens of thousands participants in over 80 different countries.

To include:

✔ Entrepreneurs that grew their businesses and their bottom-line profits.

✔ Salespeople that blew the lid off their annual quotas.

✔ Fortune 500 companies that enjoyed record quarterly performances.

✔ College students that used the 100 Day Challenge to pass the Bar Exam.

✔ High school students who were able to significantly raise their SAT scores.

✔ Authors that completed their manuscripts and launched best-selling books.

✔ Network marketers that built large down-lines and huge passive-revenue streams.

✔ Music companies that repositioned their business model to tap new revenue opportunities.

✔ Professional and Olympic athletes who maintained a competitive edge.

✔ Retirees that challenged themselves to maintain active and joyful lives.

✔ Car dealers and sales representatives who closed out their quarter with a bang.

✔ Non-profits that exceeded fund-raising goals and set record numbers in a down market.

✔ Parents of home-schooling families that taught their children goal-setting and life-planning skills.

✔ Hotel and hospitality firms that trained their staff to deliver superior service.

✔ Over-weight people who were able to lose weight and get off all their medications.

✔ Addiction and recovery centers that use the 100 Day Challenge to reduce relapse and to increase recovery rates.

✔ Marathoners and tri-athletes who were able to enjoy their personal best.

✔ Debt-laden people who were able to free themselves from the weight of their financial burdens.

✔ Anyone with a need to execute and who needs to get better results.

And while no two goals are the same, we must remember that all goals contain the same foundational element – and that’s the beauty behind the 100 Day Challenge.

The benefits of competing in the 100 Day Challenge are recognized by people throughout the world for their value for improving performance, financial conditions, and for helping to achieve any goal they desire quickly.


Posted on February 2nd, 2017 by Gary Ryan Blair

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