by Gary Ryan Blair

Have you ever wondered what your superpowers might be…could be…SHOULD BE?

“Contrary to popular belief…it’s not what you know…it’s not even who you know that matters most…as the key skill that ultimately determines your destiny is your ability to execute”

– Gary Ryan Blair

While Superman is blessed with a number of superpowers which allow him to…run faster than a speeding bullet…be more powerful than a locomotive…and give him the extraordinary ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

In this message, you’ll learn that your ability to convert ideas into innovations, problems into solutions, and GOALS INTO RESULTS QUICKLY is without a doubt a superpower that you can, will and must exploit to your advantage…in order to make 2017 the best year of your life.

Contrary to popular belief…it’s not what you know, or even who you know that matters most in life.

The #1 skill that ultimately determines your destiny…is your ability to execute and drive results. Without solid execution skills that deliver consistent results NOTHING…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else matters.

I’m going to take the liberty to being blunt right now…

UNLESS you learn how to execute quickly, consistently and effectively (as in doing things right the first time) …your dreams will not come true, your goals will not be achieved….and your good intentions will die a quick death.


Since launching the 100 Day Challenge on January 1st, I have received over 6000 emails and personally responded to a good share of them.

The one common theme from these messages has to do with people who have set resolutions and intentions in the past…but have not successfully achieved them.

Allow me to explain why the 2017 results that MOST people will end up with will be the same or perhaps even worse than what they received in 2016.

I can state the following with the certainty of a man holding four aces…

Intentions, resolutions, goals, dreams and aspirations are MEANLINGNESS without execution.

The fact is…

Intentions have never once put food on your table, or clothes on your back.

Intentions have never put muscle on your body, helped you to run a marathon, nor lose a single pound.

Intentions have never paid down a penny of your debt, nor will they pay for your car, mortgage, or boat.

And, intentions have never once helped you to learn a new language, play the guitar, paint the house, mow your  lawn, nor build a successful business.

While intentions appear to be honorable…they are tools used by the delusional…as too many people think intentions are the same as results.

They’re not, and should you happen to fall into that camp…by all means, be sure to say hello to the Tooth Fairy and her friend the Easter Bunny for me.

You have one and only one shot at this thing called life, and to make the most of it, you must stop talking about all the things you intend to do…and START TAKING MASSIVE ACTION.

That’s why you should stop what you are doing and sign up for the 100 Day Challenge right now as THIS IS your best opportunity to start 2017 fast, focused and fired up.


You do not get paid for intentions or wishful thinking…you’re on the payroll to deliver results.

The ability to do so consistently, honorably and with relative speed is the key skill that allows you to make your dreams come true.

Your results server as judge, jury and execution of your performance.

This truth applies exactly the same way to a sales person’s ability to meet or exceed quota, to a student’s ability to maintain good grades in school, to a Coaches ability to build a winning record, as well as to a parent’s ability to raise strong, healthy, self-confident children.

There is absolutely no exception to this truth…in the end, we ALL get measured by the results we achieve…both personally and professionally.

As mentioned throughout this message…your ability to execute convert ideas into innovations, problems into solutions, and turn your goals into results quickly is your greatest superpower…and one that you can, will and must exploit to your advantage.

I created the 100 Day Challenge to show you how.

In a world filled with underachievers who spend their time wishing, dreaming and talking about success, it’s the men and women of action, the ones who know how to make things happen that we need to model, encourage and applaud.

I look forward to applauding your results.

Gary Ryan Blair

P.S. You’re just 100 days from transforming your life…from crushing your goals …getting in great shape… becoming debt free…skyrocketing your sales and income, and achieving ANY goal you want in record time

Take the 100 Day Challenge and make this the best year of your!

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Posted on January 6th, 2017 by Gary Ryan Blair

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You're just 100 days from transforming your life... from crushing your goals... getting in great shape... becoming debt free... skyrocketing your sales and income and achieving ANY goal you want in record time.