Are You Worthy?

by Gary Ryan Blair

Are YOU the kind of person that others want to follow?

If everyone modeled YOUR behavior and values…would the world be a better place?

Why should anyone be compelled to trust what you say and follow YOUR lead?

Let’s face it, leadership is everybody’s business…it’s an issue that affects each and every one of us.

Not only do we look to leaders for guidance and direction, but also WE ARE ALL called upon to exercise leadership in any number of temporary situations.

Whether we are called upon to be involved in leading government or business, coaching a team, educating young minds, running a family, organizing a dinner party, carpool, household, or standing for “what is right” …everyone participates in leadership roles at one time or another in their lives.

Now that the table has been set on this matter, let’s circle back and focus on these critical questions…

Are YOU the kind of person that others want to follow?

If everyone modeled YOUR behavior and values...would the world be a better place?

Why should anyone be compelled to trust what you say and follow YOUR lead?

The answer to these questions depends upon YOUR character, as strong leaders set strong examples.

Precisely because behavior never lies…NO ONE, under any circumstances, should ever be appointed to or accept a leadership role UNLESS they are willing to have his or her character serve as the model for others to emulate.

Observing what leaders DO is the true litmus test of what’s important as behavior spotlights and exposes the truth.

People definitely are watching YOUR behavior to judge and determine the type of leader you REALLY are.


To determine if you are worth following, let’s assess the specific leadership behaviors that YOU demonstrate and which shine a bright light on what really matters?

1. The Things You Pay Attention To – these are the things you look for, notice and comment on.

2. The Things You Talk About – these are the things you emphasize and discuss in meetings, around the kitchen table and mention in written communication.

3. The Example You Set – these are the actions you take, and the behaviors, patterns and habits you demonstrate.

4. The Standards You Enforce – these are guidelines of what you expect and demand from yourself and others, as well as what you hold people accountable for and assign consequences to.

5. The Way You Use Your Time – these are the priorities you establish along with the deadlines on your activities.

6. The Things You Spend Money On – these are the things and activities you budget for and allocate resources to.

7. The Way You Keep Score – these are the true performances and results that you actually monitor, track, and provide feedback on.

8. The Things You Brag About – these are things you are proud of and cite as examples of achievement.

9. The Things You Reward – these are the behaviors, achievements, and results that you recognize, reinforce and celebrate.

Invest a few moments and reflect on your performance as it relates to each of these nine points…and on how they are helping or hindering your ability to build a culture of greatness.

A leader cannot succeed if people don’t trust them. If YOU bend the rules and says what is convenient, if YOU sets a bad example, if missed deadlines are accepted, and if high standards are not maintained and celebrated.

Good, smart, admirable leaders fight to protect their character, integrity, and reputation.

Those are the types of leaders we all want to follow, applaud and emulate because these types of leaders make sure that…

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair


Posted on March 27th, 2017 by Gary Ryan Blair

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