The Ultimate Competitive Weapon

"It’s not the big that eats the small; it’s the fast that eat the slow."

— Gary Ryan Blair

Perhaps the most important reason of all for creating a sense of urgency and using speed as a competitive advantage is that time is finite.

You have exactly one bite of this apple called life…one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get serious about upgrading your beliefs improving your execution skills and acting with a greater sense of urgency…BEFORE time runs out.

So hold on tight, because you’re about to learn why speed is the ultimate competitive weapon…and how to ignite a performance explosion that will radically and immediately change your life.

The following are a number of compelling reasons why you should start each day fast and use speed to your advantage.

Slow Costs More.

Every second or minute that you can take out of process or activity such as closing a sale, manufacturing a product, and customer response time saves you time and makes you more money.

Speed is Sexy.

Speed is the ultimate customer turn on. Everyone is short of time. We all dislike delays, long lines, out-of-stocks, and waiting on hold. We love finding what we want and getting back to work (or play) fast. And we’ll pay for speed.

Speed is Impossible to Ignore.

Speed brings with it a reputation of confidence, clarity of purpose, and execution. Once you develop a reputation for speed, both people and opportunities will seek you out.

Speed Trumps Size.

In today’s world, the old rules no longer apply. It’s not the big that eats the small; it’s the fast that eat the slow. It’s the one competitive advantage that the big competition can’t duplicate easily.

Speed Empowers Action and Change.

Action is defined as “the causation of change.” Whatever result you want, it’s a change from what you now have. By definition, then, a change has to take place for you to get from your present status to that result. The faster the action, the faster the change.

Let me be perfectly clear about this…the type of speed I’m talking about here is not the defensive, keep-up-with-the-Jones’s type speed.


I’m talking about proactive speed, the kind that leaders use as offensive, preemptive, competitive weapons.

I’m talking about creating a climate and a culture of speed…speed of decision-making, speed of execution, speed of customer service, etc.

Of course, one of the greatest threats to developing this kind of quick-strike capability is the age-old syndrome of paralysis by analysis, which is nothing more than procrastination.

When you procrastinate, you tend to lose your enthusiasm. That, in turn, causes homeostasis to set in. Homeostasis is the tendency to live with existing conditions and avoid change. You get comfortable with the way things are and allow your goals, ideas, and ambitions to fade into the comfort zone of oblivion.

But when you take action…your creative “juices” immediately begin to flow faster, your resourcefulness kicks into high gear, and the things, people, and circumstances you need to accomplish your goals and objectives are drawn to you almost like magic.

Time is your ally when you take action — but time is a two-sided coin. If you hesitate or procrastinate, time becomes your worst enemy.

As a general rule, you should assume that if you take action, perceived problems will tend to disappear — and that the more you hesitate, the more time there is for new obstacles to make their appearance.

None of us are getting any younger, and the sooner you realize the inherent value of speed, the more serious you take your goals, and the more urgency you build into your daily habits.

Some people maintain that a constant feeling of urgency to accomplish more is stressful, but I assure you that the opposite to be true.

You will feel far more stress when you procrastinate — when you’re not doing what you know you should be doing.

There’s not a worse feeling in the world than to be conscious of the fact that your finite supply of time is ticking away while you focus on straightening your desk drawer.

What are you waiting for?

Success loves speed!

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