Don't Ask. Just Act!

"If you really want to make this your best year ever and are willing to make some changes to cause it to happen, you too can take on and conquer any great challenge. The only things you’ll need to give up are false assumptions, low expectations, self-limiting doubts and the comfort zone that holds you back from unleashing your greatness."

The New Year signals the start of a 100 day period that I like to think of as the Window-of-Opportunity Sprint.

If you’re really serious about making this your best year ever…

You’d be wise to come out of the starting gate fast, focused and fired up right from January 1st…and keep going at full speed through at least the end of the first quarter.


Because if you don’t build momentum quickly and find a way to drive rapid results from the very beginning of the year…you’re going to be playing catch-up for the remainder of the year.

Should you choose not to leverage the first 100 days of the New Year and build a wave of momentum which you can ride from one success to another…I assure you — you’ll come to regret that decision…because nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

I’ve been operating this way for years, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that it pays huge dividends.

This approach to starting the New Year fast is not only the savviest move you can make…it’s also a devastating competitive advantage that places you firmly in a dominant position.


You must recognize a few things about the importance of seizing this opportunity to start the New Year fast and focused, build momentum right out of the gate and crush your goals in the first 100 days.

1. The New Year and first quarter will have little value to you from a productivity standpoint if you do not deliberately pounce on it with the intent to start fast.

In a very real sense, this is a use it or lose it…now or never proposition.

2. Your loss is someone’s gain as someone with more courage, conviction and intelligence then you will find a way to step up their game…move fast, hit their target goals and make the kind of progress you only wished for.

Download the Q1 Checklist

Download the Q1 Checklist

Download the Q1 Checklist

The importance of how you execute the first 100 days of the year cannot be overstated…because if you’re able to dig deep, and do what it takes to drive results and build momentum early…it naturally follows that you are setting yourself up for making this your best year ever.

What follows is your seven-point checklist…seven rock solid strategies for starting fast and making this your best year ever.


I long ago discovered a critical business discipline…a discipline so simple (not easy) and powerful that it has allowed me…and my clients to continually grow, improve and prosper month after month, quarter after quarter…and year after year.

In fact, it’s been so effective in driving my own personal productivity that its enabled me to increase my income…and hit my performance goals for 38 consecutive quarters (over 9 years).

What is it? It’s called an After Action Review (AAR), and it’s all about measuring and reflecting upon your performance for the past year…reviewing what you did right as well wrong, and determining the corrective actions you need to make before the New Year begins.

To start the year fast…you need to perform an AAR right now by analyzing your performance (the good, bad and ugly), inspecting your results and leveraging every ounce of knowledge for all it’s worth.

Use the AAR process you’ll find here to assess your performance and set yourself up for having not just a fast start…but your best year ever.

"A challenge is a form of finishing school. Once you get serious and rise up to meet the demands of a challenge, you’ll be finished with self-limiting beliefs, finished with settling for less, finished with excuses…and finished playing a small game."


The first 100 days provide you with a one-shot window of opportunity to blast out of the gate with the intent to set a pace, send a message and build some serious momentum.

One thing about successful people is that at some point in their life, each one has looked in the mirror and decided that once and for all they were done playing games, they were done settling for table scraps, and they were done living far below their potential.

The moment you decide to get serious, to raise your standards, and commit to starting fast and making this your best year ever… is the moment everything changes in your life to include the direction and trajectory of your life.

COMMITMENT always precedes action which means, you will make rapid advances towards your goals ONLY after you decide to get serious about doing everything in your power to start the New Year fast, focused and fired up.


“Strategy is defined as a plan of action intentionally designed to achieve a desired goal. There are two and only two types of strategy…offense and defense.

Offensive strategy exists to advance your position, to score goals, to put points on the board…to win. Offensive strategy is proactive…it means playing to win.

Those with the character and commitment to do what it takes to start the New Year fast by deploying a strong offense will find themselves constantly advancing, consistently gaining ground, building massive momentum, proactively creating the conditions for positive change and most importantly…achieving their goals.

That’s what you really want? Isn’t it?

As to why it matters…while there’s always a time and place for defensive competitive strategy…a strong, relentless offensive strategy is the ONLY sure way you are going to start fast and make this your best year ever.

Every great achievement in your life has been the result of the choices, the determinations, and the creations of the human will.



Consisting of two letters and one syllable…the word “No” is the most powerful word in your vocabulary as well as a complete sentence.

It’s the easiest word for setting a limit, holding firm to boundaries, and being clear about what you will or will not do during this window of opportunity sprint.

You will be infinitely more productive once you recognize that:

1. “No” is not a dirty word, negative word, nor is it a selfish word. Learning to say “No” is liberating as it frees up your time to focus on your key priorities.

2. You are in complete control of how you spend your time and your life. Saying “No” allows you more time and energy to pursue your goals and wildest ambitions.

3. Saying, “No,” increases the value of the things you can, “Yes” to.

Saying “No” is the most strategic decision you can make as it simplifies your life, focuses your attention and accelerates your effectiveness — guaranteeing a fast start to the New Year.


A fast and focused start to the New Year is dependent upon extraordinary execution skills.

The better you execute…the better you perform…the faster you achieve your goals…it’s just that simple.

Expecting to get better results from the same old behavior will only succeed in perpetuating more pain and digging a deeper hole…it will not get you to a superior level of performance.

Therefore, starting the New Year fast necessitates new and better execution skills. In short, things need to change, and when faced with a need for change — YOU ONLY HAVE TWO OPTIONS…you can either do different things or you can do things differently.

This is a subtle but important distinction, and if you have a sincere desire to knock the ball out of the park and make this your best year ever, you MUST ask yourself…

“Do I need to do things differently, or should I focus on doing different things?”

Getting the right answer — quickly — will be the key to a successful start to the New Year.

Start by doing what’s necessary…then do what’s possible…and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”


The old rules no longer apply. It’s not the big who eats the small; it’s the fast who eats the slow.

Speed is a massive competitive advantage that you must utilize with great authority, speed is a demonstration of commitment, competence and clarity of purpose, and speeding things up is the key to rapid, ongoing, and transformational results.

You will achieve true greatness and start the New Year fast only after you develop a sense of urgency about what you are doing — urgency to the extent that getting results and achieving your goals is a matter of life or death.

Before we move on to the final strategy, let me be perfectly clear…you MUST take massive action, you MUST build momentum early, and you MUST turn the pursuit of speed into your primary weapon for start the New Year fast and making the most of the first 100 days.


Your success in crushing your goals and starting the New Year fast is forever linked to your heart…your will…your steadfast commitment to your goals.

Victory belongs neither to the faint-hearted nor to the weak-willed or the uncommitted.

Starting fast necessitates that you always answer with action and fight on with undying, relentless determination. And, by choosing to be relentless, you are demonstrating no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace, nor are you softening or yielding in determination.

Being relentless means that you have the type of spirit incapable of being overcome, subdued, or vanquished.

If you passionately believe that you are up to the challenge and committed to starting the New Year fast, then it is your right and responsibility to cultivate an unbeatable mind and enforce your will over any resistance force.

The rewards for those who are unyielding in their pursuit of a fast and focused start TO THE New Year far exceed the pain that must precede the victory.


The New Year is rapidly approaching, and there’s no point in pretending that starting fast and making the most of this one-shot window of opportunity is anything less than the savviest move you can make right now.

And while there are plenty of excuses, there’s no good reason for you to procrastinate, to say the timing is not right…or that it’s not worth putting in the effort.

That’s why you’re going to love the 100 Day Challenge.

The 100 Day Challenge is an online, hardcore goal achievement and performance acceleration program designed with one purpose in mind…

To help you drive radical results and make this your best year ever!

Whether your New Year goals have to do with turning your annual income into your monthly income, writing a best-selling book, running a marathon, becoming debt free, getting in great shape, or gaining market share and more visibility…the 100 Day Challenge will help to achieve ANY GOAL YOU WANT faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Built to operate with blistering speed and relentless execution…this extreme, hardcore goal setting program is meant for serious people who crave serious results — fast. If you’re okay with average, this program will eat you for lunch.

It’s time to change the way you achieve your goals, and it would be my honor to show you how!

The 100 Day Challenge is a rapid execution system used by more than 675,000 high-achievers to achieve life-changing results in 100 days. Don’t do it unless you want spectacular results.

The strategies you’ll learn in the 100 Day Challenge have elected a president, grown non-profit causes, won gold medals and fueled movements. Now it’s your turn to win bigger faster!