Your 90 Day Performance Review

“However beautiful the strategy, you should
occasionally look at the results.”

— Sir Winston Churchill

If you’re looking at your calendar this week and thinking, “Holy smoke, where is this year going?” you’re not alone.

It’s truly hard to believe that the year is now one quarter of the way over…it feels like just yesterday we were ushering in the new year…and now we’re nine months away from saying good-bye to it.

I always know when the second quarter (Q2) is approaching…because my inbox gets inundated with the same question…

“What should I be doing differently to crush my second quarter (Q2) goals?”

My reply is always the same…

“The things you need to do to crush your Q2 goals are the exact same things you should have been doing in Q1.”

Here’s the deal…

We’re all staring down the barrel of the same reality…the second quarter is rapidly approaching (or just getting started) and your year-to-date results speak for themselves.

The big difference now is that you have less time to hit your sales quota, close any gaps, redeem yourself… and to finish what you started at the beginning of the year.

Aside from any anxiety you might be feeling, though, there is an upside to the first quarter coming to a close:

It’s a significant milestone…an important period of the year that allows you to reflect on your year to date results, and determine what adjustments need to be made.


1. Your results are a reflection of your self-esteem. They demonstrate what you believe to be true about yourself and what you’re truly capable of achieving.

2. Your results showcase to the world the depth of your intellect, creativity and passion.

3. Your results scream volumes as to your ability to solve problems or perpetuate pain.

4. Your results tell the world how you talk about yourself even when no one’s around.

5. Your results inform everyone who’s watching what you do or do NOT do every single day.

6. Your results are the natural consequence of your behavior and…BEHAVIOR NEVER LIES.

“The things you need to do to crush your second quarter goals are the exact same things you should have been doing in the first quarter. The only difference now is that time is no longer an ally, it's an adversary.”
— Gary Ryan Blair

Everyone delivers results, regardless of the nature of their actions. Some positive, some not so positive.

A bank robber delivers results, as does a bank teller.

A person who refuses to work and goes on welfare gets results, as does the entrepreneur who works to provide stable employment opportunity for others.

The Pastor at your wedding delivered results, as did the Attorney who presided over your divorce.

This point is worth repeating…EVERYONE is responsible for delivering results, so let’s talk about yours.


The year is now 25% complete…your first quarter results are now in the history book.

If you had ambitions of making $250,000 this year, you should NOW have $62,500 in the bag.

If you set a goal of paying down $20,000 in debt, you should be $5,000 lighter by now.

If you set a goal of losing 40 pounds and looking fit for summer, you should have dropped 10 pounds and looking pretty sweet in a Speedo right about now.

Are you on track with any of your goals or resolutions?

Have you surpassed your expectations?

Are you even close?

There’s only ONE reason for under-performance and…IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT

Your year-to-date results aren’t dependent upon your background, your company, your spouse, the economy or the latest bestseller on the self-help charts.

Your results ARE dependent upon, one thing…YOU and your ability to deliver, and right now, at the halfway point of the year…you have NOT delivered.

It’s time to shine a flashlight to your soul, acknowledge that your existing habits, routines and strategies are NOT working.

You must wake up to the fact that if you continue along this line of behavior…you’ll continue to fall further and further behind target.

Your year-to-date results speak for themselves. You’ve had 90 DAYS to perform, to drive results and to show the world how good you really are.


If you’ve gotten this far in the year and can acknowledge that your results are nothing worth bragging about, and that you’re capable of doing so much more…

What are you going to do differently to redeem yourself and ensure better results in the second quarter — Q2?

It’s delusional to think that you can keep on doing things just as you’ve been and that your results will somehow turnaround and improve. They can’t and they won’t.

The solution is simple…challenge yourself to upgrade your execution skills.

The second quarter is about to begin, and you’re just seconds away from making a critical decision…one that will make or break the rest of your year.

You will choose to discount this message and continue to reinforce nonproductive patterns, habits, and behaviors which will result in the same sub-par performance.

OR…you will make the decision to upgrade your execution strategies, and start crushing your goals. It would be my honor to show you how!

Gary Ryan Blair is creator of the 100 Day Challengea radical approach to goal achievement that shows you how to 10X your goals by applying the strategies of growth hacking.

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