Get 10 Years Worth of Results in Just 100 Days

"To achieve great things, three things are needed:
an inspiring goal, relentless execution, and an
impossible deadline."

Gary Ryan Blair

In this post…my aim is to provide you with more than enough evidence as to why you need to adapt your mindset and adjust the way you set your goals in the form of 100 day high-performance sprints.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves…let’s have a lay of the land.

The world is changing rapidly, and the stakes are higher than ever before.

We’re facing full-fledged revolutions on multiple fronts, and there’s absolutely no end in sight.

Nothing is sacred…all rules are being rewritten.

No country or currency, no industry or profession…and certainly no company or individual is safe.

We’re all vulnerable, we’re all in the cross hairs…and no one has your back.

Hyper-competitiveness, relentless and ongoing challenges, new disruptive technologies, blockchain, artificial intelligence, mass consolidation and the rapid implementation of robots is occurring at warp speed…and it’s only going to accelerate.

While technology is multiplying our capabilities as a civilization…too many of us operate with antiquated beliefs, out-dated tactics and inferior execution skills.

Rather than adapt to the realities of change and adjust our mindset to the necessity of 100 day high-performance sprints…most organizations and individuals continue to work within the context of annual goals and plans; a 365 day / 12-month execution cycle.

As creator of the 100 Day Challenge and someone who repeatedly, consistently, and quite routinely works with people and organizations who use high-performance sprints to accelerate from standing starts to giant accomplishments, driving exponential results quickly is my reality.

I’ve come to experience first-hand how 100 day performance sprints and challenges avoid the pitfalls and low productivity of annualized thinking.

While one, three and five year goals are helpful as they provide you with a vision of the future…they lack immediacy, gravity and urgency…the key things you and I need to compete in today’s competitive environment.

100 day high-performance sprints on the other-hand solve that problem by providing you with the focus, seriousness, and get it done now attitude you need to adapt and adjust to rapid market changes.

100 day high-performance sprints are powerful and empowering as they create breakthroughs through the intentional use of time compression.

How? When you set goals within the context of a 100 day high-performance sprint…you no longer have the luxury of being complacent, of putting off decisions or not taking action.

"By compressing deadlines, enforcing
accountability and taking massive action each
day, you accelerate your goals and the speed
by which you close any gaps in execution."

In addition, a well-executed 100 day sprint embodies…

Flawless execution.
Supreme attention to detail.
Being more efficient in less time.
Being focused and immersed in the moment.
Starting fast and finishing every day and task strong.
Summoning an intensity to fight through the tough days.
Being full of energy, life, and efficiency while at ease.
Sustained quality, speed and efficiency from beginning to end.

A 100 day high-performance sprint is a long enough period of time to make profound progress…but the finish line is near enough so that you don’t put things off.

The thing to remember is that any task, goal or project takes as much time as you allow for it to take, and by playing a strong, relentless offense in the form of a 100 day sprint…it won’t take much time for you to start fast tracking your goals and transforming your life.

Long-term annualized goals, the marathon approach to life and goal achievement unintentionally creates a barrier to high performance.

Inherently, you assume an unspoken and deeply held belief that there’s plenty of time on the clock to make things happen.

You lack a sense of real urgency and forget that every week is important, every day is game day, every moment and opportunity counts.

Think about the implications of a 100 Day Sprint…your level of excitement, energy and focus is at peak levels. Execution is happening on a daily, moment-by-moment basis…you’re fast tracking every goal you set in record time…and you’re living the life of your dreams.

100 days is the perfect unit of time to make headway on your big picture goals and to give them the focus they need.

How much procrastination can you withstand, and how many bad weeks can you experience in a 100 day high-performance sprint? Zip. Zero. Nada.

The 100 day high-performance sprint narrows the focus to the critical factors that drive rapid results…and in the end, only results matter.

While I can’t promise that you’ll be taller, better looking or have improved gas mileage as a result of using 100 day high-performance sprints…

I can promise that by adapting and adjusting to the demands of today’s fast changing and hyper-competitive environment…you’re putting yourself in the best competitive position to not just survive but to thrive.

I created the 100 Day Challenge to show you how!

Gary Ryan Blair is creator of the 100 Day Challengea radical approach to goal achievement that shows you how to 10X your goals by applying the strategies of growth hacking.

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